The week after Mother’s Day is a great time to watch a movie that’ll make you feel better about your own crazy family. Because let’s face it, not many of us have a picture-perfect situation at home. Here are 4 movie families that bring dysfunction to new levels!

Fighting with My Family – The title of this biographical dramedy is a play on words, because it’s about a family of actual fighters — as in, WWE wrestlers. The plot centers around Paige (Florence Pugh), whose career takes off while her brother Zak’s (Jack Lowden) stalls. Lena Headey (Cersei on Game of Thrones) and Nick Frost play Zak and Paige’s parents, who run a wrestling center. And The Rock plays himself as a mentor to Paige. It’s one of those indies that flew under the radar in theaters but that critics loved (earning it a 92% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes). And it’s a pretty incredible true story, to boot. So if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side of dysfunction, this is the movie for you!

August: Osage County – There’s probably no film featuring a family that’s more screwed-up than this one. The Westons, their spouses and their many many secrets all converge upon their childhood home after their mother (Meryl Streep) asks for help in finding their missing father (Sam Shepard). And that’s how Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, Juliette Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dermot Mulroney, Chris Cooper, Abigail Breslin and more come to all be in the same room together, with Roberts and Streep earning Oscar nominations for their portrayals of some downright miserable women. Your brood will look like angels after watching this one.

Little Miss Sunshine – In this 2006 surprise hit that went on to win two Oscars on top of earning a Best Picture nod, a family of misfits takes off on a road trip from New Mexico to California in order to allow their young daughter (Abigail Breslin, again!) to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear play the parents, Steve Carell plays a troubled uncle, Alan Arkin is the outrageous grandfather, and Paul Dano is the moody teenage brother who has taken a vow of silence. This crew has so many issues it’ll make your head spin — in a good way. There’s a reason it was the darling of the Sundance Film Festival!

This is Where I Leave You – Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Corey Stoll and Adam Driver star as siblings who all return home for their father’s funeral and to sit shiva for a week at home per their mother’s (Jane Fonda) request. When everyone is together again for that long, old resentments, relationships and secrets are bound to be revealed, and I assure you that some of them are doozies.

What’s your favorite dysfunctional family movie?

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