One of the most familiar faces in comedy — and an all-star group of his funniest friends — is popping up front and center at Redbox next week.

Bob Saget directed and stars in “Benjamin.” It’s a dark comedy that, yes, has laughs. Lots of them. But it tackles the serious topic of drug addiction and Saget hopes that the movie’s thoughtful heart sparks meaningful conversations.

The cast also features Rob Corddry, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kevin Pollak, Peri Gilpin, Dave Foley, Cheri Oteri, Max Burkholder, Clara Mamet, David Hull, Jonny Weston and James Preston Rogers. “They’re so collaborative and so funny,” Saget says. “I was so lucky because they were so spot-on.”

The story unfolds as a family calls an intervention on Facebook for Bob Saget’s onscreen son, Benjamin; a 15-year-old they think is under the influence. But that’s only the half of it. Turns out, those confronting Benjamin’s problems need to look inside themselves.

“There’s comedy… but it’s not at all to mock or poke fun at [drug addiction],” says Saget. “It’s a way of showing how you think the people who don’t have the problem are the ones with the problem. I know people find it very funny and also hopefully poignant.”

At Redbox, we love movies that have many sides and stir our emotions. In fact, we’re on a mission to make movie night a true event again – a chance to put down the phones and really engage with the action on the screen and connect with the people around us.

Saget always made a family night of watching movies with his daughter and says, “It’s a great thing to do at home while relaxing with people you love. You watch it together, you feel it together and then you talk about it. It’s a human experience and it’s a sharing experience.” The film is the first “Redbox Original” released on Redbox On Demand. Starting April 23, you can stream it at or pick it up at one of our 41,000 kiosks nationwide.

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