Hey y’all, Ali Davis here. You know, from Summit Worldwide Management. I was recently given the home court advantage into every man’s mind. Now, you may think that this is crazy, and believe me, it is, but it gave me the best insight into what every man wants. So, what do they want? First up, a fun and relaxing night with their friends! Don’t think this is just for the boys – invite all your pals and make it a fun celebration of friendship for the whole crew; these aren’t up for negotiation, so buckle up and listen.

1. See a psychic

Looking for an interesting evening? Grab your friends and enjoy some card readings to get a glimpse of your future. My girl Olivia ordered one for Mari’s bachelorette party and that turned into a night no one will forget – or remember. Just avoid drinking any freaky teas.

2. Catch a game

You can always have a great time at a game no matter what sport you are watching. The energy at a stadium or arena are unmatched and a great place to meet and make new friends. Baseball? Basketball? Hockey? Boxing? You can’t go wrong with any of these options, trust me, I’m a sports agent 😉

3. Go for a ride

The best time to clear your mind is on the road. Grab your friends and snacks, file into a car and drive to the beach/ mountains/ open road. Blast your music and sing your lungs out. Once you’ve settled down, catch up on life and discuss ideas for the future. Nothing says intimate like a car packed with close friends.

4. Watch a movie at home

Is the weather too hot or too cold? Can’t decide on a place to go? Get movie night going with some popcorn, snuggly blankets and friends. I’ll be honest here, sometimes my friends and I won’t get through the whole movie because we end up chatting the night away, but the memories remain priceless.  

5. Workout  

Now, you all know that I like running, but it’s better when you’re not alone. If running isn’t your forte, grab the boxing gloves and jump into the ring for a workout filled with action and stress relief!  Glove up and ring the bell for a night that’s sure to earn you some bragging rights.

6. Makeovers

Makeovers are no longer only for girls’ night! Grab a couple facemasks and a bottle of champagne for a spa night. Your mind and body will be grateful for a night in with robes, slippers, and chill music. Not to mention, your colleagues won’t help but notice your glowing skin when you go back to work.

7. Cook a fancy dinner

Mixed drinks, friends, and a three- course dinner recipe make for a memorable night. Make your own cocktails, pre-heat the oven or grill and put your cooking skills to the test. Have your friends dress to impress and help set up a fancy dinner table. Take your time to dine, and really engage in riveting conversations. Don’t forget to share the night on Instagram. 

8. Karaoke Night

The perfect song can make you feel so much crew love. Take a trip, or several, down memory lane with karaoke night featuring all the classic hits you and your friends grew up jamming to. And don’t forget to dance like no one’s watching! 

9. Bake off

The best part about a bake off is that it promises sweet victory for all participants. Get competitive with your friends and find out who’s the bake boss.  No one can turn down a competition or the opportunity to swipe some frosting on the side of a friend’s face.

10. Game night

Poker night? Pool at the bar? A board game? Nothing says friendly competition like game night! It’s sure to provide hours of fun for you and your friends. Poker is my personal favorite pastime, because you don’t have to read minds to take money from your friends.

Friendship’s all about making memories together. Whether it’s over Monday Margs or in front of the Saturday Skybox. Whatever you do, own it and be inclusive. Show the world that a night with your closest friends is what everyone will be wishing they had.



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