From “Gone With the Wind”s Vivien Lee to “Captain Marvel”s Brie Larson, women have been making a difference in the movies. But even closer to home, here at Redbox we’re inspired by the women we work with every single day.

That’s especially true today — International Women’s Day. You’ll catch us raising our voices even louder than usual (and turning up the volume on our movies, too!) as we rally together to show support for each other. There are celebrations happening at all of our Redbox offices.

We’re so proud of the women that rock the Box, many of whom hold senior leadership positions in areas from marketing to engineering to operations. Says Merlin Quintin, who leads our Quality Engineering team, “I see the importance of this day as a reminder to collectively celebrate every woman of the past and present who broke the chains of limitation, who tread the road that was not taken.”

Taylor Jones, Field Representative, adds, “It’s a way to show and celebrate how awesome women are and all the things we can do.

While International Women’s Day has been celebrated for more than 100 years, the United Nations began officially feting it in 1975.  It’s now an official holiday in dozens of countries, including Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, Uganda and Mongolia, where it’s creating ripples of positivity and empowerment for everyone from teens with dreams to busy moms to ladies who run the workplace. 

We’re continuing to cheer for the movie-biz women that are making strides. In 2018, women led of co-led 40 of the top 100 films. Shout out to Olivia Colman for her Best Actress Oscar Award for “The Favourite” and Regina King for her Best Supporting Actress Award for “If Beale Street Could Talk.”

Can you think of a movie you’d like to gather all your girls for and watch tonight?

Happy International Women’s Day!

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