I have always been fascinated by the myth of Atlantis — the lost utopian city, submerged under the ocean’s depths. So I was psyched to see it brought to life in Aquaman (now at the Box!), and immediately thought how cool it would be to attempt to replicate Atlantis in my house. Without, you know, flooding it.

In the movie, Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa), joins forces with Mera (Amber Heard) to challenge Arthur’s half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson). Orm wants to unite the seven underwater kingdoms in order to start a war with everyone who lives on land. If you’re planning a movie night around Aquaman to find out who comes out on top, what better way to get in the mood than to surround yourself with underwater awesomeness and find the lost city of Atlantis … in your home? Here are some ideas to make it happen.

Bubbles: The easiest way to suspend disbelief and pretend you’re underwater is to fill your viewing area with a ton of bubbles. One of the best things I’ve ever bought since I had kids was a portable bubble-blowing machine, and I will definitely haul it out for my Aquaman party. You can find one online for less than $30, and all you do is load it up with bubble liquid, turn it on, and then listen to everyone ooh and ahh as they are surrounded by beautiful bubbles. The power of cheap thrills!

On top of actual bubbles, you can blow up clear balloons, light and dark blue balloons, and then maybe a few green ones as well. You want A LOT of these balloons on the floor marking the perimeter of your viewing area. Varying sizes of white foam balls you can buy at any craft store will add the finishing touch.

Other underwater décor: Once you’ve got your bubbles all set, you’ll want to complete the illusion with as many other undersea accents as you can find. Here are some things you might have lying around the house or that are otherwise really cheap to buy:

  • Shells, large and small, of all different shapes (including decorative starfish)
  • Green streamers to twist and have climbing up your walls and any other vertical surface to mimic seaweed and vines.
  • Blue and purple streamers to twist and hang free-flowing in a door or entryway, simulating a waterfall
  • Before the main attraction, put on one of those channels that has underwater scenes and sounds (or keep the TV off and play an underwater/ocean/waves/beach soundtrack)
  • Toy treasure chests, or boxes to make treasure chests out of
  • Shark, fish or other underwater creature toys and stuffed animals (FINALLY — I can put my son’s giant stuffed octopus to work!)
  • Lava lamps
  • Clear containers and vases containing water dyed blue or green (and some left clear)
  • Netting to drape over your TV stand or furniture
  • Fishies: Cut pie-shapes out of different-colored paper plates, and then tape or staple the removed piece onto the other side of the plate to make a goldfish shape

Attire and snacks: It’s been a long, hard winter, so I’m not sure how many of us feel like we have beach-ready bods just yet. You might want to skip suggesting people come in their bathing suits and instead ask invitees to dress in green and black as Mera and Aquaman do. If someone wants to bust out a bright red wig to cosplay Mera (or a stringy long-haired wig for Aquaman), more power to ‘em!

You can also provide guests with easily made trident spears and crowns, and lots and lots of temporary tattoos (Aquaman’s skin is covered!). To snack on, obviously there must be different types of goldfish crackers. There are lots of other kinds of gummy sharks, Swedish fish and candy fish that should make the cut as well. Buy some gold-covered chocolate coin candies to put in a treasure-chest or bucket-pail container. Guess what all of this mixes well with? Popcorn.

Once you’ve turned your movie-watching space into Atlantis, I bet your guests will unknowingly quote this Aquaman scene directly, when Mera first introduces Arthur to his underwater home: “This is badass!”

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