Redbox launched the Back to the Movies Pledge as a call to action for consumers to ditch digital distractions and enjoy more movie nights together with friends and family.

By inspiring more intentional viewing habits through shared movie nights, Redbox believes people can come together. A national Omnibus survey conducted by Redbox in August 2018 found that more than two-thirds of Americans (68%) say having a regular movie night would bring them closer to friends and family and a similar majority (65%) say they miss the days when movie nights were a planned activity with friends and family.

The Back to the Movies Pledge and supporting campaigns have sparked a national conversation about media consumption in the age of digital distractions and increased isolation when consumers choose to watch alone.

“Somehow, watching content has turned into a solo sport, complete with endless scrolling and mindlessly watching whatever is served up next,” added Galen Smith, CEO of Redbox. “Back to the Movies was created because we see our families and communities slipping away from the things that matter. We want to bring back the feeling of being connected in a meaningful way.”

Recent studies emphasize that Americans live in digital isolation, where screens have become our chief companions. The majority of Americans spend more than 11 hours per day interacting with media1 and 70 percent of them use a “second screen” while watching content. Of those who binge-watch, they’re doing it alone: 70 percent opt to cuddle up with their screens instead of others.

“We believe in the power of movies to connect with one another,” said Ash ElDifrawi, clinical psychologist and chief marketing and customer experience officer at Redbox. “In the age of device addiction and the technology that enables endless content at our fingertips; digital isolation is a growing challenge that threatens our well-being and relationships.”

Americans interested in taking the Back to the Movies Pledge or learning more about Redbox’s efforts to inspire change in America’s entertainment consumption habits can visit Redbox’s blog, Unscripted.

1 – Q1 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report

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