I write a lot about how you can participate in various unofficial national “holidays,” and so I am majorly excited that we have come to one of my favorites: National Cuddle Up Day.

It occurs every January 6, and so we are especially lucky this year, as Sunday is the best possible day to take part in this particular celebration. Imagine if it fell on a Wednesday. Not quite the same, as it’s not exactly easy to stop everything and snuggle down if you’ve got to work, go to class or otherwise complete your normal weekday grind.

That’s why we’ve got to make the most of 2019’s National Cuddle Up Day. (Especially because I looked ahead and next year it’s on a Monday. Gross.)

Here’s what I’m giving you permission to do:

Make a nest – You know how kids just loooovvvee to build forts? LET them — in fact, encourage your kids to make the comfiest fort they can dream up today. You get to as well. I call the adult version of a fort a “nest.” Your nest will be unique to your preferences, but mine involves my bed, my thick fluffy robe and lots of pillows propping me up from all sides.

Try something new in the self-care department – I consider myself a relaxation-product connoisseur, if you will. Three of my favorite things that are perfect for a cuddle day are: 1) poofy sheep’s wool socks that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds, 2) a rice-filled neck warmer (you can easily make one at home — search the interwebs for instructions!), and 3) a weighted blanket (I got my first one on Cyber Monday and don’t even want to think about my life before it).

Enjoy a mug of hot-something – Hot chocolate. Hot tea. Hot coffee. Hot toddy. Hot cider. The list goes on. Grab your favorite mug, heat up your drink, wrap your neck warmer under your chin and sip away in your nest.

Put on your cuddliest clothes – Odds are, they’re pajamas. But hey, maybe you’re more formal than I am. All I know is it’s hard to truly cuddle if you feel physically restricted in any way.

Decide how to spend your downtime – Have a stack of untouched books or magazines on your nightstand? Feel like penning an actual letter (as in, on stationery) to one of your oldest friends or relatives? Still gotta open up that pile of holiday cards you received? Want to check some movies off of your Must Watch list?

If movie-watching is on your agenda, you next have to decide what best fits your desired vibe for Cuddle Up Day. Perhaps you’re the type of person who wants to be both entertained and learn something as you relax. If so, there’s no shortage of excellent documentaries at the Box or On Demand.

Don’t want to get too serious? A comedy or romantic comedy is the answer. (This is the way I’d go). Or maybe you want to use today as an excuse to let yourself get swept up in a weepy drama? We can help with that too.

Find your cuddle partner – Round up your favorite child (I won’t tell), your partner, a friend, a pet, your trusty teddy bear or a particularly awesome pillow. And then cozy down to do whatever you’ve decided you want to do today.

Enjoy National Cuddle Up Day! The holidays are behind us, but we now have months of cold weather to survive, so look at this day as an opportunity to conserve your energy and strengthen your ability to make it through until the spring.