It’s important during the busy holiday season to take a little time off and just … relax. A snow day, or a day your family blocks off in order to stay at home and hang together during winter break, is the perfect time to reconnect and unwind.

Here’s how to pull off a lazy day with your family.

  1. First, sleep in. If your kids are anything like mine, you have to specifically tell them the night before that the plan is to have a lazy day after they wake up in the morning, so there is no need to get up at, say, 5 a.m.
  • Stay in your pajamas. It’s hard to truly relax if you start going through your normal “getting ready” routine in the morning. Set the vibe for the rest of the day by keeping your jammies on, donning some big fluffy slippers and a robe, and setting the goal of not stepping one foot outside all day. And obviously the rest of your family should follow suit.
  • Prepare a blizzardy breakfast. The kids will know it’s going to be a special day when they see a pancake (or waffle or bagel) snowman on their plate or a polar bear face staring back at them from their bowl of vanilla yogurt (banana slices for the ears and snout, blueberries for the eyes and tip-of-nose). You don’t have to go all out because it’s really easy to transform anything your kids would normally eat for breakfast into a season-centric treat. Search on “winter-themed breakfast ideas” if you don’t believe me!
  • Get to chillaxing. After breakfast, let the doing-nothing begin! I recommending putting in a family-friendly movie like the adorable Smallfoot, which tips the Bigfoot myth on its head and will give you lots to talk about with your kids after its done.
  • Go on a hunt. After you’ve watched Smallfoot, it might be fun to have a short break for some activity and have the kids go on a search for Bigfoot. While they’re watching the movie, you could hide either a construction paper cutout of a Bigfoot foot (paw?) print somewhere around the house, or if you’re more talented than I am you could make a whole scavenger hunt out of it. Hide a bunch of “expedition” items around your house, give your kids a list of what to look for and then let ‘em loose. I’m talking things like binoculars, a ski cap, snow goggles, a boot, etc.
  • Break for treats. It’s up to you what you want to do with your family and kids while you’re enjoying some precious downtime together — it would kind of defeat the purpose of a lazy day if you planned everything down to the last minute. But I will make one last suggestion, and that’s to serve some wintery afternoon treats. Blue gelatin “igloo blocks,” marshmallow snowmen, strawberry and banana “candy canes,” or even a ‘Grinch Kabob’ (a grape with a banana slice, strawberry tip and marshmallow on top for a Santa hat, all on a toothpick).

Writing about this awesome day where you can just take sometime to BREATHE is making me want to stop everything and curl up with my kids and a mug of hot chocolate. Maybe that’s how you can end your lazy day with your own Smallfoot, er, child. Enjoy!

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