When my son was 4, he was obsessed with sharks. There wasn’t a piece of clothing he owned without a shark on it — he was even a shark for Halloween that year. He had countless books about sharks as well, and that is when he started talking nonstop about the Megalodon: the largest shark that ever lived. I learned a lot about the Megalodon that year, to say the least.

That’s why I had to laugh when I heard about the movie The Meg, which is based on the premise that the Megalodon is actually not extinct but instead has just been chillin’ undetected in the depths of the ocean for millions of years, waiting to chomp up some humans and fight Jason Statham. Alas, this is not a kids’ movie. Rather, it’s the latest in a long and proud tradition of “shark movies” (yes they have their own genre) that are mostly meant to be campy when they’re not scaring you out of your mind.

There are so many of these types of movies that I think they deserve their own adults-only movie night celebration. A Meg-a party, if you will.

Here’s what you need:

Beach gear

Pretty much all shark movies take place near a beach or have at least one major scene at a beach. So you’ll want to tell your guests to dress in beach or vacation attire. Hawaiian shirts, floppy hats, flip-flops, the works. You can give everyone cheap sunglasses when they arrive. Then transform your viewing area into a seaside hangout — minus the sand, of course.

Put beach toys, beach balls, beach chairs, pool toys, mini boogie boards, blow-up palm trees, seashells, beach blankets, beach umbrellas and sunscreen bottles all over for your decorations. If you want to go the extra mile, you could buy white foam rings/wreaths at your local craft store and tape red strips of construction paper around them to make life preservers. Though it’s not exactly summer right now, dollar and discount stores usually still have a steady supply of cheap beach and tiki-party decorations to choose from. And obviously if you find any shark-related decorations, you have to get those.

Blue streamers hanging down your walls and blue balloons will only add to the vibe. And you could have a mix of beach-wave or ocean-sound tracks playing in the background, with the Jaws theme mixed in every once in a while, or perhaps some Beach Boys tunes as well.

Snacks and drinks

Since this is an adults-only party, you can go a little wild with mixed drinks — the only rule is that you must put a little umbrella in each of them. As I mentioned above, dollar stores typically have some plastic tiki party glasses that you could serve out of. Landshark Beer is another option to consider.

For snacks, how about making a popcorn bar where people can mix in a variety of different types of goldfish crackers (there are seriously like 25 different kinds these days), Swedish fish or gummy worms and sharks? You could serve them out of toy buckets with kiddie sand shovels!

The main attraction

There’s no shortage of shark movies at the Box or On Demand. I would suggest The Meg as the featured entertainment since it’s the newest, but you could have any of these other options on before or after:

(That’s not even all of the shark movies Redbox has, by the way…)

And that’s all you need to have a Meg-a party! Have fun and stay safe!

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