Every year, National Relaxation Day falls on August 15. Real talk: I personally feel like it would make more sense for such an “unofficial holiday” to be right before the real year-end holidays — when people are inevitably stressed out — or at least for it to always be on a Monday so that people can kick their weeks off right.

But I don’t make the rules, and today’s the day. Since I’m all about finding ways to max and relax, I have lots of ideas for how you can make the most of this excuse to chill.


Leave work early – If there’s no way you can avoid going into the office today, could you at least jet out early without any consequences? If not, here’s another idea: simply celebrate this day on the weekend instead, and then all of the other ideas below can apply to you, too! The point is simply to carve out some time to unwind one way or the other.

Stay in your pajamas – It’s impossible to truly chill in uncomfy clothes. Put on your favorite jammies… and do not take them off. Like, even if you have to leave the house for something. STAY IN YOUR PAJAMAS no matter what. You’ll get some looks for sure, but those people are just jealous.

Order in – Getting a meal (or two) delivered from your favorite place is another great way to avoid the stress of driving, parking and dealing with other human beings who aren’t in your immediate family. So skip all of that and let someone bring your food to you.

Do nothing productive – As I work from home, I’m well aware of how hard it is to ignore chores that are right in front of your face and begging for attention. Laundry, picking up after the kids, organizing, Swiffering, paying bills … it’s a never-ending list. But that’s kind of the thing about National Relaxation Day: you’re supposed to recognize that your never-ending To Do list is always going to be there. This day gives you permission to not be productive for once.

Escape – So what SHOULD you do if you aren’t going to spend your day tidying up? How about whisking yourself away to another reality? I’m talking about curling up with that book you’ve been meaning to read, or winding down with a movie you’ve been dying to watch for forever. Or you could find time to do both! Odds are you can find what you’re looking for on Redbox On Demand, but if you have to head to your nearest Box to rent a disk, don’t forget the Pajama Rule!


No matter what you choose to do, we hope you have a wonderful day of R&R.