Sometimes one of the best ways to bond with your friends isn’t over a serious Oscar-winning drama or popular action-packed blockbuster, but rather by the communal experience of watching a movie together that might not win any awards, but is entertaining in its own, um, unique (and possibly unintentional) way.

The perfect movie for such an occasion is Gotti, starring John Travolta as the infamous New York City mob boss John Gotti.

But why make the night about just one movie when its star has been a presence in Hollywood since the ‘70s? It’s time to celebrate the man himself: John Travolta!

So round up your closest friends, and do these things:

Require everyone to come as a Travolta character. (Yes even the women.) There are so many excellent options to choose from. You can go the disco king route with looks from Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive, you could channel that ‘50s bad-boy inside of you and go as Danny Zuko from Grease, get your Western groove on by choosing to be Bud Davis from Urban Cowboy, embody the tattooed baddie that is Ryder from The Taking of Pelham 123, or — my personal favorite — go as the alien Psychlo security chief Teri from Battlefield Earth. Also, if someone wants to reach way back and play Travolta’s most famous TV character — Vinny Barbarino from Welcome Back, Kotter — I’d allow it.

Crank the tunes. So many Travolta movies are accompanied and enhanced by killer music. From the aforementioned Stayin’ Alive, Grease and Urban Cowboy, to the acid jazz of Get Shorty and the culture-changing standout that is Pulp Fiction, you won’t run out of tunes. Have these soundtracks on repeat to complete the vibe.

Set up stations. Pick your 5 favorite Travolta movies and set up themed snack and drink stations for each. A baby theme for Look Who’s Talking, perhaps? Decorated with diapers, sunglasses and featuring mushy baby-food like treats and smoothies served with kiddie silverware? Why not! And to me a must would be a station honoring Face/Off, because you know I have to get my man Nic Cage and his glorious hair involved somehow. I’m thinking lots of mirrors, tons of printed out pics of Travolta and Cage, and food served in little cages. (Yeah, I’m weird.)

Up the stakes. Compete for the Ultimate Travolta Fan title by printing off tons of memorable Travolta character quotes, mixing them up in a bowl and then asking your guests to guess which of his movies they’re from, for points.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful spectacle that is Gotti.