When I was at Comic-Con in San Diego a few months ago, I loved how so many local businesses got into it and offered special meals (“Captain America Shield Waffles”) and drinks (“Wakanda potion”) during the 4-day event. One that stood out to me was a bar that transformed itself into “Jurassic Pub,” complete with a dinosaur cutout for people to pose with.

That got me thinking that it would be pretty cool to throw a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom viewing party and turn your house into a dino-friendly island for the occasion.


Here are some ideas:

Gear: Pull together all of the outdoor equipment, hiking boots, safari-type hats and khaki clothing you’ve got. If you happen to have binoculars or walking sticks, too, all the better. Your crew can wear this stuff as hosts, and when you invite people, tell them to dress in deep greens and khaki or whatever other “adventure” attire they might already own.

Welcome to the jungle: The biggest thing you can do to make this movie night a success is go crazy with the decorations. Thankfully, it’s easy and cheap (although it will take some time) to bring Jurassic World into your home. At any dollar store you can find a ton of dino-related decorations and jungle-themed tchotchkes to set the stage. From little dinosaur figurines, to brown and green streamers, to multi-colored leaf cutouts, to dinosaur coloring books, to brown plastic tablecloths that you could hang for the iconic Jurassic Park doors, the possibilities are endless. If your kids have any dino toys or stuffed animals, they get a special spot in the viewing area as well.

Dino-mite snacks: There are soooooo many cool munchies and treats you can make that fit the Jurassic theme. Here are some easy ones: fill a bowl with chips and lay jellybeans, candy eggs or plastic Easter eggs on top and voila! A dino nest. Make sugar cookies and use a dino toy to imprint a three-toed mark or marks on each and you’ve got some fossils. Bugle-shaped corn chips could double as “dino toenails” or “raptor claws.” Cut off the tops of strawberries, turn a bunch upside down on a plate and the place a little whipped cream on the pointy tops and you’ve got mini volcanoes. Have a veggie spread with a sign indicating they’re “For Herbivores,” and then a plate of mini hot dogs, meatballs or bacon-wrapped-anythings “For Carnivores.” White-chocolate pretzels can be “dino bones.” Clear cups of chocolate pudding or mousse with crumbled black cookies on top can double as “prehistoric dirt.” Chocolate bundt cakes with red frosting flowing down the sides make for delicious volcanoes. OK I’ll stop now, but you get my point: you can do a lot with this.

Extra touches: Get a bunch of yellow construction or poster paper — keep some of it rectangular and cut some to be diamond shape — and make signs like “T-Rex Crossing” or “Warning: Raptor Zone” or “Waterfall Ahead” and place them around your viewing area. Got any wooden boxes or crate-looking pieces? You could slap on a sign reading “DANGER: LIVE RAPTOR” to add to the vibe.


Once the stage is set and your movie-viewing area has been transformed into Isla Nublar, there’s only one thing left to do: settle in, relax (if you can … the movie’s pretty intense!) and enjoy the show!