What goes great with a futuristic sci-fi movie set in 2045? A game that’s been around for centuries! Mixing new movies and old-fashioned fun is a recipe for an awesome family movie night – it gives everyone something to relate to and bond over. So we created an exclusive “Ready Player One” bingo game, made to be played while you watch.

If you haven’t seen the movie already, you’re going to love it. Steven Spielberg directed the action, which is based on Ernest Cline’s bestselling book. Imagine a few decades from now, when the world is on the edge of collapse but people are finding salvation through a virtual-realize universe. Lots (and lots) of crazy things happen in this alternate world, and the bingo game will make you pay extra-attention to spot the smallest details.

Download the bingo board here. The way you play is simple: Each square has a pop culture reference. When you notice one of them in the movie, place a kernel of popcorn on the square. First person to fill a row wins.

The prize? You decide. Maybe the champ picks the next movie-night flick. Maybe they get popcorn-hogging rights. Either way, fame and glory in your living room is a given.