Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Titanic’s Jack and Rose. Call Me By Your Name’s Elio and Oliver. I can’t help but notice that some of the most famous movie  romances haven’t really worked out (note to self: steer clear of poison, ships and Italian countrysides). But I do know a Hollywood pair that’s not going anywhere any time soon: pizza and movies.

Yep, hot, heavy and sometimes a little bit cheesy. The proof is in a recent study done by Omnibus in which 90% of Americans said that pizza and a movie are the perfect pairing for night at home.

So what are you watching tonight? Check out these delicious pizzas and my picks for the flicks they should totally be swiping right on.  


50 First Dates + Hawaiian

Because Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler’s relationship in Oahu is as quirky as ham and pineapple.

Jaws + Meat Lovers

Be careful when you swim out to those middle slices.

The Green Mile + Deep Dish
In both cases, things get preeeeety heavy.

Super Size Me + Veggie

In other words, How Not to Have a Guilt Trip 101.

Bad Grandpa + Neapolitan

In one, there’s a crusty old man. In the other, there’s a perfect crust.


What perfect pizza-movies combos can you think of?