I recently chatted with Daisy Yuhas, who’s the Senior Marketing Manager for Movies and Games at Redbox. We touched on what a great value Redbox offers with its previously rented movies and games — which I have to admit I didn’t know much about. So if you have questions, too, read on!


First things first: what ARE “previously rented movies” and “previously rented games”?

They are pretty much exactly what they sound like! They’re movies and games that have been rented before at Redbox and are now available for people to buy.

At the Box?

Yep, at the Box!

So how does it work? How would someone go about seeing what movies or games they could buy … and then actually buying one?

We have hundreds of movies and games available for purchase, and you can find them either on Redbox.com or at the Box. On Redbox.com, click on “Movies for Sale” under the “DVD & BLU-RAY” menu or “Games for Sale” under the “GAMES” menu.

At the Box, click on either the “Buy Movies” or “Buy Games” button on the first screen. If you don’t see those buttons, it means there’s nothing for sale in that Box right now. But there could be at another point in time, so keep checking back!

OK so that’s how you find what’s for sale, but then what?

Once you find a movie or game that you want to purchase, you go through with the transaction just like you would a rental. Except that this time you’ll obviously hit “Buy” instead of “Rent” at the end, and then you’ll be charged the purchase price (only after you pick up the disc from the Box). And the best part is you’ll never have to bring the disc back! It’s yours forever.

What types of movies and games are we talking about?

All types. We even have new releases that come up for sale pretty quickly, like Daddy’s Home 2, Wonder and Lady Bird on the movies side, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 and Destiny 2 on the games side. We put up new movies and games for sale about every two weeks.

What kind of prices can people expect?

Out of the hundreds of movies and games we have on sale, about 75% are $4.99 or less right now. That’s a mix of games, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It’s a great deal when compared to the retail prices of these movies and games, which would typically be anywhere from $14.99 to $24.99.

Do customers seem to like this option?

Oh yes. Our “previously rented” business has tripled since last year — people love this option. I mean, if your kid wants to watch The Emoji Movie or My Little Pony 10,000 times, it makes sense to buy it at such a great price. A lot of customers think of Redbox as a way to “test drive” a movie or game first. If they like it after that first rental, then they appreciate knowing they could eventually buy it from the Box for a great price. It’s just another opportunity to save money.

We didn’t used to have the “reserve online” option available, so customers are very happy that we now offer the ability to browse and reserve previously rented movies and games on Redbox.com. Plus these purchases also get you Redbox Rewards points.

How does that work?

If you’re at the Superstar level, every $5 spent on a previously rented movie purchase will earn you 500 points, and every $5 spent on a previously rented game purchase will earn you 750 points.

If you’re at the Legend level, every $5 spent on a previously rented movie purchase will earn you 750 points, and every $5 spent on a previously rented game purchase will earn you 1,000 points.

Last question, which I have to ask because I know our readers will be wondering. What happens if there’s a problem with the movie or game you buy?

We always hope that our customers will have nothing but a great experience both renting and buying from Redbox, but sometimes there might be an issue with a movie or game. And if someone experiences a problem with a previously rented movie or game that our Customer Service team can’t help them resolve over the phone, that Customer Service team member will then walk them through how to return the disc to us for a refund.

Daisy, thanks so much for walking through the ins and outs of previously rented movies and games. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

We think so!


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