Gamora is 40!

That’s right, Zoe Saldana is celebrating a big milestone birthday today — and she certainly has a fantastic past year to celebrate as well. In fact, I can’t think of another actress who’s starred in not one, not two, but THREE hugely successful sci-fi franchises, not to mention both of the two movies that set records for reaching $2 billion in global ticket sales the fastest (Avatar and this year’s Avengers: Infinity War).

But as Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Uhura in the Star Trek reboot franchise and Neytiri in the Avatar series (Avatar 2 and 3 are currently filming!), Saldana has established herself in Hollywood as a true powerhouse. That would be enough for, oh, like 99.9999% of people, but Saldana has impressed moviegoers outside of the sci-fi genre as well.

From teen dramedies like 2003’s Drumline, to action films like The Losers and Colombiana, to romantic dramas like The Words (co-starring her fellow Guardian Rocky the Raccoon (aka Bradley Cooper, NOT in CGI raccoon form here, obviously), to intense dramas including Out of the Furnace and Live By Night, Saldana’s range (and filmography) is impressive.

But for the next few years at least, it’s going to be All Blockbusters, All The Time for the in-demand actress. She’ll appear again in the next Avengers movie out in May 2019 (though for those who saw Infinity War, it’s unclear exactly how her character will appear…) and then has Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 coming out in 2020 and 2021.

Even with all Saldana has already accomplished, something tells me that her 40s are going to be her best decade yet!

Happy birthday, Zoe!