As families around the country gather together to honor dear old dad for Father’s Day, we thought it would be an appropriate time to also tip our hat to some of the best dads on film.

Here are my Top 5:


To Kill a Mockingbird – Atticus Finch is one of the world’s most beloved literary characters thanks to Harper Lee’s 1960 Pulitzer-Prize winning novel. But I’d argue that his cinematic counterpart — as played by Gregory Peck, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance — is equally celebrated. Atticus is the widowed father of Jem and Scout who, through his work on a harrowing trial, teaches his kids (and, of course, all of us) about empathy, racial injustice, tolerance, prejudice and courage. It’s no wonder the Amercian Film Institute deemed him “the greatest hero of all American cinema” in 2003!

National Lampoon’s Vacation – At the opposite end of the spectrum is the goofy Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), who bumbles his way across the United States on a road trip with his family, all in an effort to visit the Walley World amusement park. Just about everything that can go wrong does go wrong, but the family still survives … and goes on to enjoy a European Vacation, a Christmas Vacation and a Vegas Vacation!

Mrs. Doubtfire – The late, great Robin William stars as a recently divorced dad who is only allowed to see his kids once a week. But that’s not enough for him, so he creates an elderly grandma-like character named Mrs. Doubtfire, interviews in disguise with his ex-wife for a housekeeper position, gets it, and is happily reunited with his kids. Although they don’t know it’s him … yet. Any father who goes to THOSE lengths to be around his family is a winner in our book!

Juno – When Mac’s (J.K. Simmons) 16-year-old daughter Juno (Ellen Page) comes to him and tells him she’s pregnant, he has to make a decision. A decision to either blow up with anger and disappointment and disown her, or a decision to push those feelings aside and be there for her. Mac chooses the latter, and while Juno’s struggle is not at all over, she at least knows that she has her dad’s love and support.

Taken – Let’s face it, we’ve all had at least one moment where we wished our dad was as badass as Liam Neeson. As former CIA agent Bryan Mills, he literally takes no prisoners after learning his teenage daughter and her friend have been kidnapped by some bad, bad dudes. What do you get your dad for Father’s Day after he’s racked up a body count to save your life?


The Redbox team wishes a relaxing Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! May YOU get to pick the movie tonight!