In the film industry, “It” actors and actresses come and go just like one-hit wonders do in the music biz. Which is to say, a lot.

That’s why it’s nothing short of amazing that Natalie Portman — who tore out of the gate at AGE 12 like a professional in, um, The Professional — ultimately went on to become one of the most respected actresses of her generation.

Over the last 24 years, she’s shown she can handle anything, from rom-coms (No Strings Attached) and stoner comedies (Your Highness), to dystopian thrillers (V for Vendetta) and major franchises (Star Wars, Thor).

But I still challenged myself to come up with a “top 3” list for Portman as we celebrate her latest film, the trippy and scary-as-you-know-what Annihilation, coming to the Box and On Demand.

Here we go!

Black Swan – In the performance that won her the Best Actress Oscar, Portman plays a ballerina who loses her grip on reality while competing for the role of a lifetime.

Jackie – This heartbreaking and unforgettable biodrama earned Portman a Best Actress nomination for portraying First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy in the days and weeks following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Garden State – I had to include the movie that put Portman on the map for me personally, especially because I’m a member of Gen X, so I think it’s a rule or something. We all HAVE to love this movie about New Jersey misfits (Zach Braff, Portman and Peter Sarsgaard, among others) trying to find themselves. And I can’t not mention its incredible soundtrack, which I still listen to often, 14 years later.

Which Natalie Portman movies would make up your Top 3? See everything we have of hers at Redbox here.