In a dystopian future oppressed by global warming, the Humanity Bureau investigates citizens and exiles those who do not meet high productivity standards. We recently chatted with the star of The Humanity Bureau, Nicolas Cage, who told us why this film was so important to him and what makes it an absolute must-see.



Redbox: What made you want to be a part of this movie?

Cage: I’ve enjoyed science fiction as a genre for a very long time. I think it’s one of the last places where you can exercise 100% freedom of speech, you can tell a story of a different planet or a different time and speak your mind as to what is happening in current events without risking censorship. I think other countries that have strict rules pertaining to that might considering exploring the genre of science fiction. Humanity Bureau deals with the very current and relevant issues of global warming as well as immigration. As someone who enjoys reading the newspaper and listening to science, I feel we’ve been blessed to live in the sweet spot of time that our children and our grandchildren may not be so lucky and I’m sure there isn’t much we can do about it but global warming is an issue that needs to be addressed whether through conversation or in filmmaking and Humanity Bureau enabled me to do that. Also, being aware of the issues that occurred during various events in history, World War II, Pearl Harbor for example, what happened to the Japanese Americans, I fear the same thing could happen again in our current times. I never want to make movies simply to deliver messages but simply to hold a mirror up to current life and society and let the audience make their decision on what they do or don’t feel about it. 


Redbox: Why should people check out The Humanity Bureau?

Cage: I think that this film is a bleak, stark, barren viewpoint of a potential future in our nation if industry doesn’t “cool it” in terms of the way they are treating our beloved Earth and also is a bleak interpretation of what can happen if people lose their humanitarian rights simply based on their beliefs, their ethnicity or their inabilities to provide for themselves.


Redbox: Can you give us any fun facts about filming this film?

Cage: I really liked working with Jakob, the actor who played my son in the movie. I was very inspired by his natural style and I think we will be seeing a lot of Jakob. I think he is a very talented film performer and I would love to work with him again.


Redbox: What was your favorite movie/TV show project to film?

Cage: My favorite movie to film? I had a lot of fun when I did a film called “Honeymoon in Vegas.” I was with people that I enjoyed working with and it was wonderful getting to work in Hawaii as well as Vegas.


Redbox: Who has been your favorite person to work with so far?

Cage: I really liked working with Anton Yelchin. I thought he was the nicest person I have ever worked with. Wonderful actor – we did “Dying of the Light” together and I have great memories of Anton.


Redbox: Is there someone in the industry that you’ve always looked up to?

Cage: I always look up to my heroes – the people that inspired me to want to be an actor. The ones who are still with us as well as the ones who have passed on. Jerry Lewis, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Charles Bronson, Bruce Lee, Stanley Kubrick, my uncle Francis Coppola, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin. The list just goes on and on.


Redbox: Last question, what’s one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview but never has?

Cage: “What’s your favorite hamburger?” – and the answer is In N Out. Real beef and great cheese, protein style….terrific.