Have you ever talked to someone about “the good ol’ days” when they were growing up? “Back in MY day, I walked to school in the snow, uphill both ways — barefoot!!! And I liked it — I LOVED it!”

When people begin reminiscing, one thing that inevitably comes up is how much cheaper everything used to be. Gas. A gallon of milk. A movie ticket. The newspaper. Name something — anything — and it was most certainly much cheaper back then!

Alas, there really isn’t that much that you can get for just a couple of dollars these days. I’m not talking about stuff at The Dollar Store — I’m talking about everyday products and what their normal, undiscounted price might be.

I was able to scrape together a list of 20 things you can still buy under $2, but it wasn’t easy … and as you’ll see, some of this stuff is not exactly in high demand! But here it goes:

  1. One piece of fruit (healthy!)
  2. One candy bar (not-so healthy)
  3. Certain comic books and e-books
  4. A $.99 greeting card
  5. A set of washing machine lint traps (I told you these weren’t in-demand items!)
  6. One roll of off-brand invisible tape
  7. Easter egg coloring kit
  8. A sheet of stickers (though many kinds are over $2)
  9. Muffin mix
  10. A box of 8 plastic dinnerware sets (knives, forks, spoons)
  11. A package of 150 sheets of college rule paper
  12. A pencil sharpener
  13. A set of 4 strap-on LED fingers (what? you don’t go to raves?)
  14. A mini stapler
  15. A generic keychain or bottle opener (but NOT a keychain that is also a bottle opener)
  16. A box of 16 crayons
  17. A lighter
  18. A roll of electrical or mounting tape
  19. A set of 12 self-adhesive fake mustaches (who doesn’t need this? — that is the question)
  20. A movie rental from Redbox

No wait. That last one is so much more than a disc, isn’t it? It’s an experience. An occasion! A way for you (and your family) to be transported out of your living room for a few hours and become immersed in another reality. A movie can be the centerpiece of a family night where you’re all together for once. It can spark conversations with your kids or partner about what they might do if they were in one of the character’s shoes. And an especially good movie can stick with you forever, long after it’s back after the Box. It can be the basis of fond memories, it can inspire you to do something or go somewhere or learn more about something you never would’ve otherwise.

So yeah, we’re pretty proud that in 2018 we can still offer all of that for just $1.75 for a DVD or $2 for a Blu-ray disc. You could even snap on your LED fingers AND eat an apple AND use your 16 crayons to color on your college rule paper while watching a movie from us and still spend just $10 total. If that isn’t the craziest bargain ever, I don’t know what is. (And if someone actually does this please take pics and send them to us!)

Thanks so much for being a Redbox customer. We love you guys and are proud we can provide you with so many great DVDs at the Box that can form the foundation of a wonderful night together with friends or family while making some great memories in the process — all while spending less than $2!