Isn’t it great when a movie not only provides a much-needed dose of escapism, but also doubles as a karaoke session? If you’re like me, you looooooove singing along to movies. And I’m not just talking about movies that are actually musicals, either. I mean all types of movies — even ones that are “normal” comedies or dramas but just happen to have a rockin’ soundtrack. In honor of Pitch Perfect 3 hitting the Box and Redbox on Demand (as well as Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 still being available), I thought I’d share my list of 7 fun movies to sing along to.


Grease – This is the first movie I personally remember memorizing the soundtrack to. It just doesn’t get better than John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and their classic tale of ‘50s high school drama.

The Sound of Music  – Another oldie but goodie that I have been belting out the soundtrack to for decades. Julie Andrews stars as a nun-in-training who is assigned to look after 7 rambunctious children and attempts to tame them through the power of song. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do indeed! (And clearly I’m not the only one who loves these tunes because we have a Sound of Music Singalong version as well…)

Chicago – There’s a reason this one won 6 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger star in this amazing adaption of the hit Broadway musical, and it will definitely “razzle dazzle” you.

Purple Rain – I swear this one is not on here solely because it reminds me of what seemed like a never-ending slow dance with my first major crush at my junior year prom in high school. The funktastic soundtrack by the late Prince is unbeatable, and even earned The Purple One an Academy Award.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – This might be THE most classic singalong movie of all time because it came out in 1975 and theaters are still hosting midnight screenings where dedicated fans show off the fact that they know every single line. Let’s do the time warp again … and again!

Sing and Rio 2 Sing-Along – And finally, I couldn’t wrap up this list without including two family-friendly options. The first is on constant repeat at my house because it mixes both popular and original songs, has a great voice cast and a cute story to boot! With Rio 2, audiences enjoyed jamming to its soundtrack so much that they made a version everyone could participate in!


What movies can you not resist singing along to?