Are you one of those people who can see a plot twist coming from a mile away? Or are you more like me — somebody who remains in the dark until the big reveal?

Quite frankly, I’m glad that I’m usually surprised by “gotcha!” moments. To me, a movie’s more fun when you haven’t figured it all out from the get-go. Perhaps that’s why I’m such a sucker for “whodunits” — murder mysteries that keep your brain whirring from beginning to end.


Here are 4 great ones:

Murder on the Orient Express – As I mentioned in my full review, the twists and turns are nonstop in this remake that’s based on the beloved Agatha Christie novel. It would’ve been a fantastic thriller no matter who starred in the adaptation, but lucky for us it’s got an A-list cast featuring everyone from Johnny Depp to Daisy Ridley.

Gone Girl – If you like your mysteries a little darker, this is the one for you. Based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn, it stars Ben Affleck and a phenomenal Rosamund Pike (who earned an Oscar nomination for her performance) as a couple who might appear perfect on the outside … but are anything but. Once Pike’s character disappears after what looks to be a violent and bloody struggle inside their home, Affleck becomes suspect #1.

The Girl on the Train – This twisted thriller — based on the novel by Paula Hawkins that was published in the wake of Gone Girl’s tremendous success — tags along with Rachel (a truly remarkable Emily Blunt) on her train to and from work each day. She looks forward to watching from afar as a gorgeous couple frolic around in their home … until the young, beautiful female half of that couple ends up dead. Has Rachel seen something that could help solve the murder? Or does she have too many secrets of her own?

Scream – I am NOT a horror fan, but this movie was such a huge pop-culture phenomenon when it was released at the end of 1996 that I just couldn’t avoid seeing it. It’s haunted me to this day, but I have to admit that its satiric tale of a ghost-faced killer terrorizing a town of extraordinarily good-looking teens was one of the most compelling murder-mysteries I’ve ever seen.

What other movies kept you guessing until the bitter end?