The game Star Wars Battlefront II has been out for a few months and was immediately attacked by fans for a loot crate system put in the game. That is unfortunate, because it distracted people from realizing that this was a phenomenal game. This release is a Star Wars fan’s dream. I am a full-on Star Wars geek, and I had high expectations, which this game exceeded.

To start, the graphics and imagery is amazing, both for cinematic players and regular players. It was a significant improvement from the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront, doubling the amount of maps, heroes, and ships available to play in the game. And for those who hated on the game for it’s loot crate system, the system is gone, so now you can focus on the game itself. This game also has a far better progression system than it’s predecessor — giving the players new things to play for, and additional improvements to make to your ship, hero, or trooper of choice. But what really sets this Battlefront apart from it’s predecessors is the campaign. Star Wars Battlefront II offers an offline campaign that is solid. I enjoyed it, and although I prefer to play online, I think this is really fun for those who can’t play online.

Another great new aspect of the game (which will get Star Wars fans drooling) is the fact that there are new heroes, troopers, ships, and maps from all eras across the Star Wars universe.

Despite all of the game’s awesomeness, there are a few things to improve upon. Once a player reaches the max level in the online portion of the game, things to work for become a little scarce, and upgrading becomes very hard. This is being addressed, DICE is working on new content for the game, giving players more to look forward to. Also, the troopers in the game could use more variety, such as more skins, blasters, and cards to make your trooper truly personalized. Overall, I would give Star Wars Battlefront II five out of five stars, and would recommend it to everyone, whether you are a Star Wars fanatic or not.