Have you heard the news? We’re making our Redbox Play Pass loyalty program even better, and it will now be called Redbox Perks! Why should you care? You’ll now have more ways to save money and earn rewards.

Here are the details straight from Mike Feldner, our VP of Customer Strategy, Analytics & Engagement (aka the mastermind behind Redbox Perks).


Why did Redbox create the Perks program?

We heard from our customers that there were a lot of things they liked about Redbox Play Pass, but there were also some improvements they’d love to see.

Two of those ideas are now features of Redbox Perks:

  1. Points Per Day – Customers let us know that they often take more than one day to get through a movie or continue playing a game — their plans change, or “life happens.” Play Pass rewarded customers with points once per rental, but with Perks you will now get points every night you have a disc or game at home. We know people will be excited about this major change!
  2. Levels – We also heard from our customers that it would be nice to be recognized the more you rent from Redbox. Play Pass didn’t have any special benefits for our very best customers. So now we’re introducing levels of benefits with Perks, and they’re called “Star,” “Superstar” and “Legend.” As you move up levels you’ll get free upgrades to Blu-ray rentals, special promotions, additional benefits on your birthday and Redbox anniversary, and more.

The idea behind Redbox Perks is that we really want to thank and reward those movie-watchers and gamers who are loyal Redbox customers.


How else is Redbox Perks different from Play Pass?

Over time, Perks will be much more engaging at the Box, on the web and within the app. Customers are encouraged to sign-up onling to login at the Box with their phone number and PIN.

With Perks you’ll be able to log in at the Box, and when you sign in you will receive a personalized experience — not everyone will see the same thing. You’ll be able to see your Perks points and eventually, promotions specific to you.


What does someone need to do to sign up for Perks?

Right now you can sign up on redbox.com or through the Redbox mobile app, and very soon you will be able to sign up at the Box, too.

Simply signing up for Redbox Perks and confirming your email and signing in will also earn you a welcome “gift”!


Tell us more about the different Perks levels and how someone can move up.

We have three Perks levels: Star, Superstar and Legend. The level you’re in is based on your rental and purchase activity over the past calendar year.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 10 or more – Star
  • 20 or more – Superstar
  • 50 or more – Legend

What’s especially cool is that throughout 2018, once you reach a higher Perks level based on your activity, you not only get that next level of benefits for the remainder of 2018, but you also get them for all of 2019 as well!


How long do Perks points last?

So your Perks points are valid for 12 months as long as you’re actively renting from the Box. If you don’t rent at all for 6 months, your points will disappear.

We will definitely be letting people know in advance before their points expire! Since the program is rolling out now, your Perks points will be good for at least 6 months (and up to a year if you’re renting regularly).


What are examples of things people can do to earn Perks aside from renting at the Box or through Redbox on Demand?

Here’s another big difference between Perks and Play Pass: Perks will offer many more opportunities to earn points — downloading the Redbox app, completing your profile, storing your credit card to make it easier to make online reservations, and so on.

There will be other unique ways to earn points as well, and we will be announcing those in the coming months.


What can someone do with Perks points?

We’ve heard from customers that they obviously liked using their Play Pass points for free Redbox rentals of games, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, so of course that will continue. But over time we will be introducing even more ways to redeem points.


What do you think the coolest thing is about the Perks program?

I’m especially excited about the benefits we’re offering to our really loyal customers that go beyond what they get today, and all the ways we’re giving people to engage with Redbox. And frankly what we have in store for the future — bringing more fun into the program aside from the fun everyone already gets from Redbox movies and games! Stay tuned!



To learn more about the new Redbox Perks program, click here.