The Redbox Games team is coming to PAX South this weekend!

Last year, you might have run into us as part of the GameWisp booth at events like MomoCon and TwitchCon. This weekend we are going even bigger, heading down to San Antonio with our own booth, some big giveaways, and plenty of swag!

Stop by the Redbox booth to meet the Redbox Games team, play games, and spin our prize wheel for free game nights and other great Redbox swag.  While you’re there, make sure you enter for a chance to win either a PS4, Xbox One X, or Nintendo Switch

What the heck is PAX South?

PAX was founded by Penny Arcade in 2004, as a fan event in Seattle, to celebrate gaming in all its forms.  Over the last 14 years, PAX has grown into one of the largest gaming fan event brands in the U.S.  During that time, PAX has added additional events, including PAX East in Boston, PAX Australia, and its most recent addition, PAX Unplugged (a celebration of all things table top).

PAX South first came on the scene in 2015 and set records for attendance in its first year.  Since then, it has stayed smaller relative to its larger sister conferences PAXs East and West, but no less vibrant and exciting.

For conference goers, a smaller con means more time to spend with each booth, meeting the people from game developers to hardware companies, to swag merchants and everyone in between.  It means shorter lines so you can get your hands on more games.  It means more time to focus on the smaller and indie game developers and publishers, experiencing the cutting edge of gaming.

This year’s PAX South features everything from high profile exhibitors like Microsoft, Astro, and Alienware to console and VR freeplay areas.  It’s going to be a great conference!


So why is Redbox going?

That’s a great question! We’re glad you asked. For our part, we are so excited to be a part of this event. Whether it’s a game night with friends, or you want to make sure you love a game before you drop sixty bucks, we’re committed to giving you a smart, cost effective way to interact with your favorite hobby.  We can’t wait to showcase that story live, in person.

We know how important events are to gamers.  Events like PAX South represent a chance to come together as a community and interact with games together. It’s a wholly different experience from anything that happens online, and we are excited to be a part of that experience with you.

So make sure you stop by booth 11223, spin our prize wheel and take home some swag, and enter for a chance to win the big prize at the end of each day!

Here at the Box, we love interacting with gamers of all sorts, hearing your stories, and getting to show off what Redbox games are all about.  We look forward to meeting you all this weekend!