Happy New Year! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Are you worried about breaking them? Don’t sweat it; you’re not alone. A 2017 U.S. News study found that 80 percent of people break their resolutions by the second week in February. Redbox is here to help. If you need help coming up with resolutions or sticking to them, these movies will inspire you or scare you straight.


Take a vacation: Girls Trip

Getting away from it all is good for recharging one’s batteries. But if you’re heading to New Orleans for business, think twice about taking along four rowdy childhood friends you haven’t see for five years, and who call themselves the “Flossy Posse.”

Follow your dream: Patti Cake$

Whatever your passion, just keep telling yourself, “Yes I can.” Here’s your role model:  an unstoppable plus-sized Jersey girl with even bigger dreams of being a teenage hip-hop star.

Improve your diet: Raw

If losing weight is on your to-do list for 2018, try this French horror film about a vegan college student who develops bloody cravings after being forced to eat meat.  After watching it, you won’t eat for a month.

Propose!: Allied

You’ve found the one, but you haven’t set the date. Whatever is holding you back, the problem can’t be worse than that of WWII officer Brad Pitt, whose new wife may be a German spy.

Stay active in retirement: Going in Style

Try an adult education course, traveling, or taking up golf. Or, if you really want to think outside the box, you might consider robbing the bank responsible for controlling your frozen pensions. Better stick to golf.

Learn a new skill: Dark Horse

In this winning documentary, a barmaid in a depressed Welsh mining village decides to try her hand at breeding a racehorse with a little help from her friends and neighbors.

Learn more about finances: The Big Short

What caused the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression? This darkly funny adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book puts a human face on the 2008 financial crisis. Perhaps Margot Robbie in a bubble bath will help you understand mortgage-backed securities.

Spend more time with the family: Love the Coopers

You think your family has problems? After spending a Christmas dinner with this wildly dysfunctional family, I’ll bet your own brood won’t seem so bad after all.