It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and we’ve been filled with joy at Redbox all season long. When it comes to holiday spirit, our Redbox marketing and field teams recently found out that those with the least to give are most often extraordinarily generous. With a grant from Redbox, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida (BGCCF) conducted a social video experiment and shared the touching results earlier this week.

In the video, seven children, each a member of BGCCF’s Taft Branch in South Orlando, were asked what they want for Christmas, and what a parent would want for Christmas.  When presented with the gifts they selected for themselves and their parent, they were surprised to hear that they could only choose one to keep.  Watch what happens next!

When asked why they chose to give rather than receive, each child had a different answer.  “She’s the best mom I’ve ever had, and I only have one mom,” said Emanuel, age 10, whose parents are deaf. “She works so hard, she cooks me dinner.  She cleans my dirty clothes, and pays for the hotel where we live,” said Faith, age 9.

All of the children were rewarded for their generosity by learning they can keep the gifts they selected for themselves. Redbox sponsored the project by donating the funds for the gifts. The children chose gifts like a Nintendo Switch, guitar or camera for themselves; and a pillow, blanket or pedometer for their deserving parent.

“It’s moments like these that remind us what’s truly important,” said Daisy Yuhas, Senior Marketing Manager for Redbox. “These children are as kind as they come, and we are so thrilled to have taken part in this beautifully successful social experiment.”

Local Redbox field team members Mark Lehmann, Manny Centeno, Daniel Plumey and Pamela Jameson also participated by handing out the gifts to the club members and shared some of their thoughts on the experience.

“It’s always great to give back in some way, but to watch these kids make the choice to give to their parents instead of themselves, makes you want to do more,” said Lehmann, Regional Operations Supervisor in Miami. “The anticipation of waiting for the children to choose the gift for the parent or themselves, and the explanation as to why they choose for their parents – so  honest, so heartfelt, and selfless. Unbelievable.”

Manny Centeno, Regional Operations Supervisor in Orlando also added, “It was a great experience being able to help out and see all the kids smile. This was my second time participating in this type of event and I have to say it was rewarding.”

Pamela Johnson, Best Practices Engineer, also appreciated the opportunity to participate in this event. “It is important to be involved in the community and to give whatever you can to others. You never know how even the little things that we do, like donating a few hours of time, can impact others.”



Since 1944, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida has provided at-risk children from the local community, between the ages of 6 and 18, with a safe place to learn and grow. BGCCF membership exceeds 15,000 young people at 35 Clubs and middle school sites. The club’s mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

The video was shot on an iPhone using the Gather Voices GV-One platform which simplifies the collection, management and distribution of crowd sourced videos.