Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from your friends at Redbox!


The Workshop

As the classic holiday song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Magic is in the air, especially at the Redbox warehouse. Watch the story unfold as Nick — a very special Redbox Field Team Member — loads up on movies and games for a late-night delivery. It certainly seems like something jolly is afoot in more ways than one.


The Delivery

So that’s how Redbox gets the hottest movies and games so quickly — and why it’s a little tough for our customers to catch the Box being filled each week! It’s a good thing Nick is on the job. We’re just not sure what’ll happen if someone else spots him in the act while he’s using his magic…


The Magic

Discover what happens after Nick is caught red-handed (red-nosed? Red-suited?) by a young movie fan at the Box while he’s spreading holiday cheer with his special brand of magic. And let us know if YOU happen to find him in your hometown, won’t you? Happy holidays!