Happy birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal, the man who would be Batman. The Hollywood trades are reporting rumors that Gyllenhaal is the first choice to replace Ben Affleck should he exit the role. A star of screen and stage, Gyllenhaal comes from a celebrated show business family. His father is a director and his mother an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. His sister, Maggie, is an Oscar-nominated actress currently earning raves on the HBO series, The Deuce.

Gyllenhaal has made a distinctive name for himself with a series of great performances, most notably his Oscar-nominated turn in the unconventional western Brokeback Mountain, in which he uttered the oft-quoted words, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” (He also gained pop culture immortality after briefly dating Taylor Swift and reportedly inspiring one of her biggest hits, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”!)

Treat yourself to the gift of Gyllenhaal with five of his best movies available now in the Box:



Gyllenhaal is an early favorite to land a Best Actor nomination for his powerful performance in this inspiring biopic based on Jeff Bauman’s memoir.  Bauman was at the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon when a terrorist bomb took both of his legs. A news photo of him immediately following the tragedy went viral. Though he struggled with the limelight, his hard-fought recovery process inspired the nation.

Nocturnal Animals

Gyllenhaal gets the last word when he gives his ex-wife (Amy Adams), an art-gallery owner, his new novel. Let’s just say that any resemblance in the story to real people and events may not be a coincidence.


This knockout drama stars Gyllenhaal as a disgraced boxer who fights to regain his championship status as well as his estranged daughter who was placed in child services following the substance-abusing fighter’s downward spiral following the death of his wife.


Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds costar in the Alien-like thriller in which the crew aboard the International Space Station is menaced by a very aggressive extraterrestrial life form.

Night Crawler

“Fake news” takes on a deadly new meaning in this sleazy thriller.  Gyllenhaal is great as a petty thief who becomes a sought-after videographer selling footage of violent crimes to a local TV station. If it bleeds, it leads, and he will stop at nothing to beat the competition.