If you haven’t ever seen True Detective, stop what you’re doing and go rent Season 1 from the Box right now. Because surely you know someone who was crazily obsessed with it when it aired on HBO (cough cough like ME cough) — now you can see what all the much-warranted fuss was about.

I’m actually surprised by just how much I loved the first season, because it jumps back and forth while following two detectives on the same murder case in Louisiana over two periods of time (1995 and 2012), and that case is pretty gruesome and dark. As in, really, really twisted. That’s usually not my thing at all. But Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart are just incredible. They play so well off each other, which is probably why they both earned Emmy nominations for their roles. Aside from their performances, I think it was the nonlinear path of the season’s eight episodes that pulled me in, kept me on my toes and made me just HAVE to find out how it all ended. Director Cary Fukunaga won a much-deserved Emmy for his amazing efforts at pulling it all together.

Season 1 of True Detective reminds me of series like LOST or Westworld in that it inspired its viewers to post elaborate theories about its core mysteries, blog about its many themes, look up literary works characters referenced, and just get into it.

So if you are looking to be blown away by a murder mystery, I can’t recommend Season 1 enough.

Similar to other crime anthology shows like American Horror Story, Fargo and American Crime Story, True Detective Season 2 started fresh with a new mystery and totally different cast. This time, we have Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams as the detectives, Taylor Kitsch as a local police officer and Vince Vaughn as a corrupt businessman. They all cross paths thanks to a mysterious murder. Season 2 has a completely different vibe than Season 1, which almost veered toward the supernatural at points. But it’s still a solid mystery with great performances from a stellar cast and is well worth your time.

I’ll end with some exciting news for my fellow True Detective megafans: Season 3 is a go, and it will star one of my favorite actors, Moonlight and House of Cards’ Mahershala Ali. Annnnndddd, rumor is that Matthew McConaughey has expressed interest in coming back as Cohle once more. THIS MUST HAPPEN!!!