By Ash Eldifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer.


Redbox’s new On Demand service reaffirms our commitments to providing quality home entertainment for everyone and expanding your options to consume content any way you want, anywhere you want, and anytime you want.

Content, cost, and choice are the overarching values that Redbox delivers with physical media and now streaming content. Our mission has always been to make it ridiculously cheap and easy to get the best entertainment — movies, games, and TV programming.

Unlike other transactional video on demand platforms, Redbox’s On Demand service does not require a subscription. Simply go to the Redbox app on a mobile device, smart TV, or on and search for the movie you want to rent or buy (for more information on Redbox’s on demand service, click here).

Redbox remains committed to physical media and our kiosks. That is our core business. We have more than 41,500 kiosks across the country that are just a short drive from almost anyone in America. We continue to look for opportunities in communities that will make it convenient for people to go to the Box and save money on their home entertainment.

But we also recognize that sometimes you just don’t want to get off the couch and leave your home, or that a popular movie that you want from the kiosk is out of stock. This is the problem that our On Demand service solves. It gives consumers another way to access the highest-quality content for movies, games, and TV.

In any format you choose, Redbox provides value. Redbox On Demand delivers more value as part of our Play Pass loyalty program. On Demand transactions earn points towards hundreds of movie and game rentals at the Box.

Our On Demand service is curated to include hand-picked new releases and popular movies and TV shows. Choice is good but too much choice can make for a frustrating and intimidating experience. We believe having a reasonable and manageable selection of the freshest content makes it easier for you to make a selection.

On Demand gives you further opportunities to see what you want in the format that works best for you, whether you go to the Box to pick up a program or stream it immediately. If you want to buy a title electronically, you can do that as well. At the end of the day, Redbox will always be the best value.