Everyone loves a good heist movie, am I right? I mean seriously, think about it. You definitely know people who are not about rom-coms, or horror flicks, or superhero movies, or serious dramas. But EVERYONE likes an old-fashioned tale of a ragtag group of lovable low-level criminals sticking it to The Man and making their getaway.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best heist movies, inspired by the fact that Logan Lucky recently arrived at the Box and is a ton of fun. So yes it deserves a spot on my list!


Logan Lucky – Channing Tatum reteams with his Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh (who came out of retirement for this film) for this heist comedy, which follows the down-on-their-luck Logan family in their attempt to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where Jimmy (Tatum) was recently laid off. If you want some high-energy escapist fun, look no further.

Baby Driver – This is another high-octane romp that comes with a rockin’ soundtrack to boot. Baby (Ansel Elgort) is the best getaway driver in the biz, but he unnerves the criminals he works with (including Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx) because he constantly — and I do mean constantly — has earbuds in with music blasting. He picks a different song for each job, and somehow every heist seems choreographed to Baby’s musical selection. It’s a new twist on the genre that — like Logan Lucky — critics and moviegoers went wild over.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Steven Soderbergh strikes again! This is one of those movies where you just know that absolutely everyone in its A-list cast — from George Clooney to Brad Pitt to Julia Roberts to Matt Damon — was having a blast, and so perhaps that’s why it’s so fun to watch . . . and why they made two successful sequels and now have an all-female reboot coming out next year. Its glamorous Vegas casino setting doesn’t hurt, either!

The Town – If you’re a career criminal who’s gonna try to pull off one last heist, GO BIG. As in, rob Boston’s Fenway Park. That’s exactly what Ben Affleck (who also directed), Jeremy Renner (who got an Oscar nom) and their crew try to do, but only this time Jon Hamm is on the right side of the law and hot on their trail, and Rebecca Hall is caught in the middle. It’s a twist-filled intense ride from beginning to end.

Drive – I’m usually not one for violence, but if anyone can make me get over my squeamishness, it’s Ryan Gosling. In Drive he plays a nearly silent mechanic who does all sorts of odd jobs on the side, including “getaway driver.” He deals with countless shady characters played by the likes of Bryan Cranston, Oscar Isaac, Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman, and struggles not to get too close to his lonely neighbor, played by Carey Mulligan. It’s one part heist film, one part neo-noir thriller, one part gross-out blood-and-guts fest. But you’ll never forget it after you’ve seen it.

There are soooo many others out there to enjoy — from Reservoir Dogs to The Italian Job to Inception (yes, stealing ideas counts!) — that it was tough for me to pick just five.

What heist movies would be on your list?