Each year, some of my friends and I get together for a girls’ weekend. We pick a few new restaurants to try, fit in a spa visit and some shopping, and load up on magazines and movies to enjoy at night.

This getaway usually takes place in November, right before holiday craziness really kicks in. Nothing helps you prepare for an onslaught of social events like laughing and reminiscing with good friends. Without these get-togethers, I’m honestly not sure any of us would be able to face the final month-and-a-half-long whirlwind that is the end of the year.

If you do something similar with your besties, or if I’ve just given you the inspiration to, here are movies currently in the Box that will make the occasion that much more fun.


Girls TripA group of lifelong friends? Check? A road trip? Check. A destination known for partying (in this case, New Orleans)? Check. Drunken antics? Yet another check. Add in uproarious laughs and too many celebrity cameos to count, and you’ve got yourself the perfect movie to giggle over with your BFFs. There’s a reason this one was deemed the breakout comedy of the summer. Don’t miss it!

Rough Night – More illicit behavior and debauchery to gasp at, this time starring Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon. When a whole movie revolves around a bachelorette party, it practically screams “girls’ night!”

Fifty Shades Darker –Do I really need to explain? I do not.

Big Little Lies – Can somebody say binge? Carve out a lazy Sunday with your squad and watch all seven episodes of this eight-Emmy-winning series centered around the lives of women (including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman) with some serious secrets in beautiful Monterey, California.

The Beguiled – Nicole Kidman (again!) stars as the head of a Virginia school for girls, with Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning as two of her students. Colin Farrell stumbles onto their grounds after his character deserts the Union Army. The women need to decide what to do with him, and let’s just say there are some major twists. If your group of friends likes darker thrillers, this is the one to go with.

Wonder Woman – I think we all know why. Girl power!