One of the year’s most anticipated games is here, Call of Duty WW2. It is the first game in the series to be set during the Second World War in almost a decade.

Hollywood continues to take inspiration from the Second World War. From one of the darkest chapters in human history have come unforgettable true stories of heroism, patriotism, and faith that continue to inspire generations.


Hacksaw Ridge

Andrew Garfield stars as Desmond Does, a pacifist who enlisted in World War II as a medic, but because of his religious beliefs, refused to carry a gun.  How he became the first conscientious objectors to be awarded the Medal of Honor captures war at its most hellish, and the human spirit at its most triumphant. Nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


Arguably The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan’s finest hour, this instant classic WWII film (available soon from Redbox; reserve your copy now) recreates the heroic civilian armada rescue of hundreds of thousands of British and allied forces on the beach of Dunkirk.

Their Finest

An ideal double-feature with Dunkirk, this uplifting homefront drama stars Gemma Arterton as a woman in wartime Britain who comes into her own as a screenwriter on a propaganda film about the Dunkirk rescue.

The Imitation Game

Nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch as “odd duck” mathematician Alan Turing, who led the team that cracked the Nazi’s Enigma code.


“If you can take it, you can make it.” This brotherly advice given to future Olympian and war hero Louis Zamperini can also apply to the audience as this inspirational but brutal true story unfolds. Zamperini was a bomber pilot who was shot down, survived almost 50 days in a life raft, but was captured and spent three years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp.

Woman in Gold

Helen Mirren’s performance is a work of art in this true story of Marie Altmann, an elderly Jewish woman who is determined to retrieve a priceless painting that was stolen from her family by the Nazis. Ryan Reynolds costars as her inexperienced, but determined lawyer.


Redbox salutes these real-life heroes of “the Greatest Generation.”