Happy Halloween!

Wait . . . what’s that? You STILL don’t have a costume?

While I admire your confidence in your ability to pull something together at the ultimate last minute, I also want to make sure that you’re dressed to impress for tonight’s festivities — whether you’re trick-or-treating for yourself or with kids, going to a Halloween party, participating in a parade or making an appearance at some other sort of spooky celebration.

Clearly we’re biased, but the rest of the Redbox team and I believe there’s no better inspiration for great Halloween costumes than movies and games.

Dress completely in yellow, making chomping motions and hold cardboard or construction-paper pastel ghosts at arms-length and people will be all, “Look, there’s Pac-Man! How cool!” Or throw on a red (or green) shirt and hat, blue overalls and a fake mustache (unless you actually have a mustache, of course) and boom! You’re Mario or Luigi, and people will be high-fiving you all night.

There are a ton of classic characters from games like Doom, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and more that don’t require elaborate outfits. Browse our Games and get inspired!

If movies are more your thing, I’m pretty sure that you could run into one of those Halloween costume pop-up stores that seem to magically appear of out thin air in every neighborhood across the country in October and snag yourself a Spider-Man or Wonder Woman costume — both are sure to be in demand this year thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman being the #4 and #2 movies of 2017 so far.

If you want to honor another pop culture phenomenon AND scare the bejeezus out of everyone who crosses your path, you could be Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It. (Just please don’t dress as Pennywise if you live in my neighborhood of Chicago because I don’t do evil clowns.) A much easier option to pull together from It would be Georgie, the creepy kid with the yellow raincoat and red balloon. You’ll float, too, with that costume.

Another excellent 2017 movie offers up a quick and easy costume idea: throw on jeans, black sneakers, a white t-shirt, a varsity jacket and sunglasses, and then put in some white earbuds and behold! You’re Baby from Baby Driver.

Or get a yellow shirt and draw on your favorite Emoji face — you’ll get in a technology nod and a movie reference in one fell swoop.

For more ideas, browse all of our Movies. No matter what you end up being for Halloween, have a blast!


What’s the best movie or game-inspired Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?