Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to start getting in the mood with decorations, scary movies and treats. If you have a few extra minutes before you pop in whatever you picked up from the Box, you could whip up some of these easy-to-make Halloween-inspired snacks to give movie night an extra spooky twist.


Strawberry Ghosts: Buy or make white-chocolate-covered strawberries, and then use either a tube of brown frosting or chocolate chips to make eyes and a mouth on each one . . . and boom! You’ve got a strawberry ghost. Pro tip: you could do this same thing with popcorn if you cover popcorn balls with white chocolate.

Dracula’s Dentures: There’s a few different ways you could make these. You could cut a wide slice out of an apple so it looks like an open mouth (think Pac-Man) and then use peanut butter to stick marshmallows inside for teeth and pointy chips, almonds or chiseled carrots for fangs. For a sweeter version, you could also slather two cookies with red frosting and put marshmallows and pointy apple slices between them. Either way, you’ve got a gruesome set of chompers to snack on!

Haunted Pumpkin Patch: Peel a bunch of cuties or tangerines, arrange them on a plate and put green gummies on top to make your pumpkin patch. Then stand long slices of bananas up in the midst of your pumpkins and press in chocolate chips, o-shaped cereal or candy eyes (yes, they exist) to make the bananas into ghosts. Hard to beat this one if you want to keep things healthy.

Petrifying Pizza: Make your own pizza and melt blobs of mozzarella on top for ghosts, and use green olives with toothpicks in them for spiders. Or make your pizza into a mummy by arranging cheese in strips across the pizza with olive or pepperoni eyes peeking out! You can also do this same thing with a toasted English muffin.

Halloween Popcorn: And finally, the easiest option is to just throw some candy corn in with your popcorn for a seasonal bonus. If you’ve got some orange and yellow candy sprinkles, orange gummies (especially gummy worms!) or orange, brown and yellow chocolate candies to add into the mix, all the better!


Then settle in and prepare to be scared silly. At least you might have some yummy leftovers to turn to if you wake up later with nightmares, right?


By: Redbox Writer, Erika Olson