Everyone has heard the expression: “Never judge a book by its cover.”  Well in the case of Knack II, I would echo that sentiment for this particular game – don’t judge Knack II by its cover.  The misleading box art would have you believe that Knack II might be a game that would only be appealing to young children.  That is far from reality as this game really is fun for all ages. In all honesty, I was reluctant to play the game at first, thinking that it might be boring and simplistic. But then when I started playing, I just couldn’t stop! Knack II is a fast pace and unique combination of puzzle and action – yes, puzzle and action!  The main character, Knack, is super fun to play with because he/she is made up of bits of different materials that you can make bigger by breaking objects and “absorbing” them.  You can also shrink to a baby Knack to go through small spaces. Another awesome aspect of the game is that Knack can absorb different elements which have different powers and abilities and then use these powers to work through the obstacles you face in the game. The craving to make your Knack grow larger compels you to keep playing the game. It’s addictive!  Also, in Knack II the puzzles can be very challenging, so they have hints if you get stuck. With the right balance of puzzle and action, Knack II delivers as a great game for all ages and gets four stars out of five in my book.

By: Redbox Junior Contributor, Aidan