Wonder Woman — the #1 movie of the summer — is here! And it has everything: breathtaking action, humor, a sweet romance, plot twists, despicable villains, a heroine for the ages, and a stirring moral that seems especially relevant today — despite the fact that it took Hollywood 75 years to give Wonder Woman her own film.

We first meet the title character as a child named Diana who lives on a hidden island of Amazonians: female warriors created by Zeus to protect mankind. Diana’s aunt Antiope (Robin Wright, amazing as always) trains the young girl in just about every kind of fighting imaginable, which pays off years later when German soldiers in the midst of World War I stumble upon the Amazonian’s secret home. The women are forced to defend their land, resulting in one of the most epic battle sequences I’ve seen on film in quite some time. To quote a Eurythmics song, “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!”

Only one solider, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), remains at the end of the clash, and it turns out he’s an Allied spy. After he warns the Amazonians about the war that threatens to consume the outside world, the now-grown Diana (Gal Gadot) becomes convinced that it’s her duty to help mankind avert self-destruction. She thinks she can do this by finding Ares, the god of war, who she figures must be behind all the mayhem. So she sets out with Turner, which leads to some of the lighter moments in the movie: some very awkward flirting, and a great montage of her trying on several different outfits once she’s in London in an attempt to blend in. Spoiler alert: it’s really tough for an Amazonian goddess to “blend in” anywhere.

Soon, Diana, Turner and a small band of recruits head onto the battlefield in an attempt to stop the Germans from unleashing a mustard-gas attack. This is where Diana truly becomes Wonder Woman in all her glory, and let me tell you, it is nothing short of fantastic. I was so blown away by Gadot. I already felt she was the best thing about last year’s Batman vs. Superman, but this movie confirms that she’s a superstar of the highest order. Clearly her performance was going to make or break Wonder Woman, and if the glowing reviews, audience raves and box office totals are any indication, she exceeded everyone’s expectations. Bringing a globally beloved superhero to life is no small feat, and Gadot made it look effortless.

I loved this movie so much, for many different reasons. First and foremost, it’s simply a great movie. But I’m also glad that both my daughter and my son have a kick-butt superhero to look up to who just so happens to be a woman. I can’t wait to see Gadot BRING IT again when Justice League hits theaters next month!


By: Redbox Writer, Erika Olson