It’s October 3rd and that can only mean one thing . . . it’s National Boyfriend Day! As a reward for all the romantic comedies he’s had to sit through, why not celebrate by letting him pick the movie? Just kidding! We dipped into the Box to find the rom-coms that will take National Boyfriend Day to the next level. A rom-com is only as good as the boyfriend and these guys can serve as role models, fantasy figures — or they just may make your guy look good!

All Nighter
Who ya gonna call when you haven’t been able to reach your daughter for several days? How about the boyfriend she dumped three months ago? Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) and Emilie Hirsch form an unlikely search party in this comedic gem.

Bridget Jones’ Baby
Will Bridget Jones ever find her “happily ever after?” She’s 43 and single, but she’s no longer alone. She’s pregnant! But who’s the daddy — a billionaire American website creator or her old flame, Mark Darcy?

Everybody Loves Somebody
Clara is a successful doctor with an ailing love life that’s in need of a serious boost when she must attend a family wedding in Mexico. She asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend, but their budding romance is threatened when the popular, globetrotting ex that broke Clara’s heart unexpectedly shows up.

It Had to Be You
Hey, not all boyfriends are afraid of marriage. Sometimes it’s the girlfriends who flake out. That’s what happens in this quirky romantic comedy when Christin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) receives a surprise proposal that sends her into a panic.

What some guys won’t do to be somebody’s boyfriend! High school besties Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) risk life, limb, and friendship to score liquor for a party being thrown by Seth’s dream hook-up (Emma Stone).

Why Him?
Every father’s worst nightmare? James Franco as a tattooed billionaire Silicon Valley video game inventor. Cultures collide when the boyfriend from hell meets a doting dad and announces he wants to marry his daughter.

It’s your turn to chime in! What’s your favorite movie to cuddle up and celebrate your boyfriend with?


By: Redbox Writer, Donald Liebenson