One of the best things about movie night is that no one really expects anything other than one of the least expensive and easiest-to-make snacks to go along with the show: popcorn.

But if you’re ever in the mood for something more to munch, here are 4 creative ideas that will take your movie-night snack game to the next level:


A Popcorn Bar

Pop a big ol’ tub of popcorn and set it out with a small plastic glass or a scoop on top to let people decide how much “base popcorn” they want to fill their bowl or snack bag with.

Then arrange a whole bunch of smaller bowls on your counter, fill them with sweet and salty toppings and let the mixing and matching begin. I’m talking graham-cracker crumbles, pretzels, chocolate chips, cookie bits, chocolate candies, hard fruity candies, gummies, cereal, raisins, nuts, chocolate or yogurt-covered nuts or raisins — really anything you know your family or guests would be into. They’ll have a blast pulling together their own special concoction.


A Snack Necklace

Get some string or yarn (even long shoelaces might work!) and either make snack necklaces to surprise your fellow movie-watchers with, or let them assemble their own.

You’ll need yummy options that can be threaded, so think donut-shaped cereal or cookies, pretzels, chocolate or yogurt-covered pretzels, or any other snack you’re able to poke a hole in. String ‘em through, tie the string ends together and then nibble from your necklace as you watch the show.


Sweet or Savory Fondue

Low effort, high reward with this one! Melt down anything that’s meltable —candy bars, chocolate blocks, chocolate spreads, marshmallows, all kinds of cheese — and set out snacks for dipping.

Strawberries, apple or banana slices, grapes, rice-cereal marshmallow bars, graham crackers, chunks of angel food cake . . . the list of foods you can dunk in sweet sauces is never-ending. If you prefer something heartier or more meal-like, you can go the savory route. Crackers, meat, cherry tomatoes, bread, shrimp and scallops all pair well with cheese fondues, though some options might require more effort if you don’t have leftovers to work with.

Maybe the best idea is to do both: protein and veggies with melted cheese to start, and then chocolate fondue for dessert!


Snack Skewers

If you’ve got kebab sticks or any kind of skewer at home, this is a fun twist on finger food: just stack it all together. You could have healthier options like fruit and cheese pairings or mini sandwiches assembled on a skewer, or you could go with softer treats like marshmallows, gummies and gooey chocolate bars on a stick if your sweet tooth is making the decision.


Whatever you decide to do, be prepared for your family or friends to never let you go back to serving just plain popcorn on movie night again!


By: Redbox Writer, Erika Olson