Prey is a first-person RPG/action game developed by Arkane Studios for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players take on the role of Morgan Yu trying to survive against a hostile alien collective called “The Typhon” aboard the Talos I space station. Prey allows the player to play the game as they see fit. You can take an action-packed kill ‘em all approach or opt for a stealthy, less violent playthrough. The choice is yours. A positive to this approach is that it opens the game up for multiple playthroughs while taking a new approach each time it’s played. These gameplay styles are enhanced through a gameplay mechanic called neuromods. For example, security neuromods can increase computer hacking skills or you can become super strong using the engineer neuromod. The game world is interesting. You’re able to learn more about it as you explore Talos I and stumble upon audio logs and emails which flesh out the lore and story. The lighting and sound craft a creepy atmosphere that works well in the game. Prey is worth trying out if you’re into sci-fi first-person RPG/action games.

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By. Tim Hyde