If you’re a fan of multiplayer, team-based first-person shooters, Overwatch is for you. But if not, at least I’ve saved you some reading! Blizzard Entertainment, perhaps best known for its longstanding MMO World of Warcraft, is the creative force behind Overwatch – a game that currently boasts 25 characters for players to choose from in 6 vs. 6 matches. It’s been likened to Team Fortress 2 but with a lot more polish and an insane amount of fun.

This level of fun is accomplished through its colorful characters, maps, dialogue and (mostly) fast-paced dynamic action. Players choose a character in one of four roles: offense, defense, tank or support and start matches either defending or attacking to meet the map objective. Not sure what role to pick? The game offers up suggestions for optimal team composition, but the best part is that you’re not stuck in any given role. Find that you’re not so good with a bow and arrow? Then switch to something different during the match. This ability to change roles on the fly is not only recommended it can often turn the tide at a crucial moment.

Not so good at games where you point and shoot? You can hone your skills in the practice range, play vs AI or setup your own custom games where you can assign an all AI team (or one with your buddies) to assist you and the opposition you’ll attack. Some view the AI as predictable and it is but it’s a vast step up from the training room alone and without the risk of rank damage from losses to human opponents in regular matches.

Speaking of matches, there’s Quick Play, Arcade and the Competitive Play modes. Quick Play matches are often short around 10 minutes or less, whereas competitive matches can run longer due to the more serious nature of ranked play – you’ll need to hit level 25 and complete 10 placement matches just to access it. The Arcade mode is variable as it’s designed around rotating game modes, maps and rules that fit the standard for Quick or Competitive Play. Most players will likely gravitate to the Quick Play matches as you can get in, get your fix and get out to a new match . . . quickly.

Afraid you’re too late to the party and everyone will have infinitely better gear and weapons such that you will die instantly and often? Well, you probably will die instantly and often but it’ll be due to inexperience as all player levels have the best gear and weapons for their chosen character. Think you’ve got game? The Standard Edition of Overwatch costs $40 (PC only) and $60 for the Game of The Year Edition (formerly Origins Edition) that’s available to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Origins Edition of Overwatch is available for rental now on PS4 and Xbox One for just $3.00 a night at the Box! Get it today

By. James Williams