Winter is coming. If this were an episode of Game of Thrones, that would be cause for concern, but for Daisy Yuhas, Redbox Senior Marketing Manager for Video Games, it’s the most wonderful time of the year when the year’s most hotly anticipated video games are released over a four-month period.

First offered in 2011 along with movies on DVD, video games are an ever-increasing priority for Redbox. “We want to be sure we provide the biggest and best titles the publishers are putting out there,” Yuhas says. “We get games the same day and date as the rest of the industry.”

Yuhas and the Redbox team have been deliberately working to raise awareness of the company’s commitment to video games and attract casual gamers to the fold. “For a $3 rental fee, video games are an affordable entertainment option,” she says. “We have a wide variety of age-appropriate games. But the real advantage for customers is the opportunity to try out a game before making that $30-$60 purchase.”

This is especially important to the hard-core gamer, Yuhas notes. “The fourth quarter is so packed with a variety of games. A hard-core gamer is going to preview them through Redbox and decide which he or she likes the best and then spend their money.”

Money is an especially important consideration for the casual gamer as well as for parents. “Think about how fickle children can be,” Yuhas reflects. “Either they don’t know what they want to play or they will play a game for five minutes and they’re over it. Parents don’t want to spend $60 dollars on a game that loses its value immediately. We’re a good way to preview games for them.”

Redbox has more than 35,000 kiosk locations across the country that contain games whose ratings run from E (for Everyone) to M (for Mature). “It is important for us to educate the casual gamer and parents who are concerned about inappropriate content,” Yuhas states. “Detailed game synopses can be accessed on our website and at the kiosks.”

This includes games for specific gaming systems. Redbox will be launching titles for Nintendo Switch in October. The initial launch will be in San Antonio, Portland, and Seattle. “We are doing a slow launch to see if this is a console that will catch on, like the Nintendo Wii.” She adds with a laugh, “But not the Wii U. The Wii U did not work.”

Games are a year-round commitment for Redbox, Yuhas affirms. “We’re bringing in the hottest games for those who want to be among the first to play them, but we’re also satisfying the needs of those who are fine waiting a couple months and checking out a previously released game in the meantime that they maybe haven’t tried yet. The value we provide our customers remains unmatched.”

By: Redbox Writer, Donald Liebenson