Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a hilarious delight, a welcome departure from the often-repetitive third-person multiplayer shooter, expanding on its already-capable predecessor in many ways. The new characters added to the roster add to the diversity of play styles. You can now blast through enemy waves as the bounty-hunting orange, Citron, or kick some bud as the spandex-clad superhero, Super Brainz, among others. Each class also offers multiple sub-classes, each with variations of their core abilities.

Players start in the hub world of the Backyard Battleground, a town divided in two, constantly fighting for the “Flag of Power” a king-of-the-hill game where you see how long you can keep the flag up. Each base serves as your mission hub, where you’ll complete single-player missions or access a full arsenal of competitive multiplayer modes. My personal favorite is “Gnome Bomb”, where you must accompany a bomb-strapped gnome to each of three enemy bases and blow them up. At an E-10 ESRB rating, this lighthearted romp is also suitable for most children. If you’re looking for a fun “shoot-em-up” experience that isn’t your standard Call Of Duty fare, then Garden Warfare 2 is right for you!

By. Clint Thiele