True Love Found at Redbox

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What’s better than love at first sight? Nothing!

When we learned on Facebook that Sara Ann and Lance fell for each other at Redbox, we just had to get the full story … and they were kind enough to fill us in!

So tell us about the night you met April 3 of this year — and exactly what happened.

I was running around Wal-Mart looking at this and that. My daughter, Olivia, is usually mortified to go shopping with me because of the hijinks I can get into. As we were leaving I realized that I had walked out without getting our Redbox movie! Well, that wasn’t going to happen. I told Liv to chill in the truck and ran back inside.

I was flipping through the many options at the box and could feel that someone had walked up behind me. I turned around and here was this sweet, paint-covered, tattered-clothed person with a little smile. He had the warmest and most sincere expression! I felt sick with nerves. I smiled. He smiled. I turned back around.

He said, “Anything look good on there?” I replied with some witty comment which escapes me now. Lance then asked , “I was thinking of renting the new Footloose, do you think that would be weird? ‘Cause it’s kind of a teen movie.”

I smiled and lied my butt off, “I was just about to rent that! I heard it’s great.” Then the Jersey girl in me came out. “You know what, it wouldn’t be weird if I rented it and you came over and watched it and had some dinner?” He just stood there. Seconds can fly by or seem like an eternity. He began to nod his head before he could say yes. I rented Footloose for the 6th time and told Lance to follow me to my house.

OK, at what point did I realize I invited a stranger to my home to eat and watch a movie… and with my daughter? She is 16 and as tall as him, but she can be a trip as any parent with an Autistic child can tell you! We got to my house, I cooked dinner (Italian) and the three of us watched the new Footloose. Liv must have said, “This is my favorite part!” about 15 times, but he was too nervous to notice. After dinner and the movie we walked out to his car and he gave a quick kiss and went home.

The next day, we texted all morning and afternoon and as soon as we were off work he rode with me to get gas for my truck. The idea of marriage was almost immediate. I have been divorced for 12 years and he was divorced for a year. Before meeting him I was not interested in getting married again. I was just getting my life back on track. What brought up the conversation? Eat, Pray, Love, of course!

Wow, that’s such a cool story. And talk about “right place, right time!” When did each of you first start using Redbox?

I have for years now … Such a genius idea and CHEAP! All the rental places wanted $4.95 for a new release? And it wasn’t convenient. Redbox is everywhere and if you have your movies with you, you can return them anywhere! Seriously, this is awesome!

Do you generally have the same taste in movies?

Now this is funny! I hated his movies. HATED. Mostly because I didn’t “get” what the big deal was with “Star Wars.” I had never seen it, didn’t get the jokes. Sci-fi wasn’t my cup of tea. Now, I am a Star Wars freak. My daughter is a Star Wars freak. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Love Actually, 50 First Dates, How to Lose a Guys in 10 Days genre. We now have a combined total of 200+ movies.

Top “go-to” movies for us: Tombstone (which inspired the picture of us below!), Star Wars II and III, Goodfellas, Eat Pray Love, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Help, Tommy Boy. Oh, and the Matrix movies. Love those now, too!

OK, back to your love story! So when did you get engaged?

Which time? The first time was August 14th. I was asleep and he woke me up and put a ring on my finger. The next morning I texted everyone the big news!

September 6th he had grabbed my ring while I was painting my nails and we went to a very nice place for dinner. After we ate, I got up to go to the ladies room and returned to find that the waiter had taken the dessert menu away. I said, “I really wanted the tiramisu!” Lance said, “I got cheesecake.” I pouted. Then a ring-topped serving of tiramisu arrived and Lance started digging into the dessert and pulled out my ring with chocolate dusting and cream. He was so nervous and dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Everyone was looking and smiling. I was shocked.

It was then that we decided that since we couldn’t afford to have a wedding, we would celebrate our engagement over and over so that others could “witness” our commitment. We are getting (re)engaged over and over since we are eloping. It’s free, it’s fun and honestly, how many people see a public engagement?

How are you celebrating your engagement?

Well, Lance and I have fun with Redbox. We always have our picture taken of us in front of a new Redbox when we travel. We kiss or just smile. He actually proposed a third time at the Redbox in Lake of the Ozarks Hy-Vee Grocery Store.

When are you planning to elope?

Not telling… But will update you. I’m sure a Redbox will make an appearance with us in the springtime…

Ooh, we can’t wait! We’re thrilled Redbox brought you together and continues to be such a big part of your lives. Congratulations and we look forward to hearing about your Big Day!


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