A Redbox Road Trip

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Have you ever dreamed of setting out on a grand adventure to explore this wonderful country of ours? The Coco family of Evergreen, Colorado, did just that this summer. They piled into an RV and spent 30 days visiting 18 states, our nation’s capital, and parts of Canada. By the end of their road trip, they’d traveled over 5,150 miles! What kept them entertained at night and in between destinations? Redbox!

Let’s meet the Coco family and hear more about their magnificent vacation, shall we?

Gina is a mom who works as a financial advisor and loves to travel. Tom (aka: “Dad”) likes to do just about anything athletic (think mountain biking, mogul skiing, and skateboarding). Sebastian is 11 years old. He’s going into 6th grade, plays drums, piano, and lacrosse, and has done some national commercials. Nicco and Sergio are 9-year-old identical twins going into 4th grade. They also play lacrosse, with Nicco on defense and Sergio on offense. And if that weren’t enough, Nicco also plays the bass and Sergio plays the cello.

Gina, what inspired this trip?
It was a dream of mine for the kids to experience history and to see how vast this country truly is. I remember hating history in school, but in 1995, I took my first trip to Rome and history came alive for me. It was there that it became clear to me that for my kids to truly have a love for it, they had to learn it experientially, and that was a very important aspect of the trip… experiencing American History.

Any hesitation from anyone before you left?

The thought of driving over 5,000 miles in a small compartment (though one would argue that a 41-foot RV was anything but small) with 3 young boys was a bit overwhelming for my husband. After about 2 years of “warming him up” to the idea, he reluctantly agreed.

Had you used Redbox before?

Yes. Last fall, the boys had 4 days off from school and I was trying to figure out a way to keep them busy, so I decided to take the 6 ½ hour drive to Mount Rushmore.  I wanted to keep stress down to a minimum, so I loaded the 2 portable DVD machines we have into the car and planned to stop at our local Redbox on the way. I had seen the machine and knew little about it, except that the costs of the movies was reasonable.

I quickly did the math in my head and figured I needed 5 movies the kids liked to be sure there was no fighting on the drive.  And after looking through the Redbox mobile app, I found out that I could return those movies ANYWHERE at a Redbox. Unbelievable… you mean I didn’t have to think about yet another thing while I traveled with my boys? There wasn’t one fight on the drive and our visit to Mount Rushmore was a wonderful success!

Had you planned to use Redbox during your big RV adventure, or was that something that happened unexpectedly?

Redbox was always a planned priority on our trip. The mobile app was HUGE, as we never knew exactly when it would be convenient to stop. Because we were driving so much, I wanted to make sure getting our Redbox movies fit into our stops, and the mobile app was the only way to go. As we needed to stop for something, I would refresh my “find a location” page and, sure enough, there was a box somewhere close by.

What was everyone’s favorite movie they watched on the road?

Sebastian’s favorite movie on the trip was Billy Madison. Nicco’s favorite movies were Captain America and Thor. Sergio’s favorite movie was Journey 2. My favorite was This Means War (there were a few RV parks where cable wasn’t available, and I got some great recent flicks to catch up on).

Where was the most surprising place you used Redbox?

I have to say that I was amazed at how many Redbox locations there are around the country. I knew Redbox was national, but I didn’t expect to really find it EVERYWHERE: from Kansas to Oklahoma to Iowa, it seems no matter how small the town was, a box was close by. Our most surprising find was in Wytheville, Virginia, at a truck stop. I had used my Redbox mobile app and it located a Redbox coming up close to where our RV park was, but I thought we were going to have to go a bit out of our way. We pulled up to get gas and the app made it look like the location was very close. Lo and behold, there was the box, at our gas station! I had just said to my husband how great it would be if Redbox was located at all the truckstops! Tom filled up, while I picked out some movies. Less than a ½-mile later, we were at our RV park, the Wytheville KOA. Talk about convenience… even in strange places!

What was the overall highlight of your vacation?

I couldn’t pick a favorite place on the trip. For me, watching the boys experience the country in the way they did was amazing. For Tom, Lake Okoboji, Iowa, was his sweet stop, as chilling by the lake and taking the boat out to dinner was the kind of lifestyle he loves. Sebastian, Nicco and Sergio would all agree that Cedar Point, Ohio, was their favorite stop, as nothing could compete with those earth-shaking roller coasters! Other highlights they would all agree on were: Bonfires and fishing at our family reunion in upstate New York, Spiderman on Broadway, the Mets vs. the Yankees game, going into Canada, and Lake Okoboji.

Wow. The month you spent on the road with your family sounds fantastic, and it’s something none of you will ever forget. We’re honored Redbox played such a big part in keeping the gang busy and entertained. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

Would you love to take a trip across the U.S. like this one day? You can read more about the Coco’s RV adventure at their family blog here.

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  1. Dennis Goza
    Posted on August 30, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    I love to hear about this sort of thing because our family hit the road 20 years ago, and we’ve been RVing, tenting and hoteling with no permanent home ever since. My son grew up on the road, and I wish we’d had Redbox when he was younger. It’s been a godsend the past few years. Best of luck to the Coco family in their travels.

  2. Dorothy Dwyer
    Posted on September 13, 2012 at 11:26 am

    traveling is the only thing i will always love.I used to travel with my Parents and then they passed and then my children and I would go aleays primative.It is affordable.I now have not been able to go I am alone and do not have the money.But you can bekieve I do miss it and would Love to rekindle some of those moments. Sincerly Dorothy Dwyer