Introducing What to Rent This Weekend (Or, Redbox Staff Picks!)

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Kristins PickIt goes without saying that all Redbox employees are crazy about movies. (Duh, right?) So we figured it’s time to start sharing some of our team’s favorite films so that you can be sure to check them out as well. Every other week or so we’ll be chatting with a Redbox staff member and asking them what they think our customers should rent over the weekend. So without further ado…

Name: Kristin Smith
Redbox Role: Project Coordinator – New Ventures. I currently support the Senior Vice President of New Ventures and I also manage marketing projects.
Kristin’s Pick: Courageous

This is a MUST-see movie for everyone!

It tells the story of four men who realize that having a presence in their children’s lives is extremely important. They face obstacles that try to keep them from being active parents, but their actions are truly COURAGEOUS. This movie portrays fathers as heroes for not only their own children, but also for other children as well. It’s also a great reminder that we shouldn’t take others for granted, because you never know when you might lose someone that brings value to your life. It was truly inspirational, while also entertaining. I encourage fathers to watch this movie, although the entire family can also enjoy it (there’s no profanity). I’ll definitely add this movie to my library.

Thanks for your pick, Kristin!

Did she convince you?

Rent Courageous this weekend (on DVD or Blu-ray)!


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    Posted on April 10, 2012 at 6:04 am

    It was a very good moive it was worth it I saw it at church at the end a young man at church stood up and wanted to be like the people in the movie it was moveing please see it