The Answers to a Movie Trivia Quiz Not Too Hard to Compute

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Earlier this week, we asked you to identify three movies  featuring digital masterminds at work. Did you get them all right?

The movies were:

And what do they have in common? They’re all about computers!


Social Network Computer Image

So who were our winners?

  • Maritsa
  • traci allison
  • Dario

Congrats on winning! You’ll each get a free one-day DVD rental from Redbox.

The first 30 people who got all three answers correct won’t get a free movie night, but they’ll still get their names listed here for the thrill of it:

  • Stephanie Reynolds
  • Meghan Dunnjason
  • Kathryn Bryant
  • Shawn Stalker
  • Jammie Castleman
  • Tommy Lee
  • T. Harlan
  • Maritsa
  • Toni B
  • Nathan Hudson
  • jenna g
  • Lisa C.
  • Kelly Dahle
  • Mundane Dolphin
  • Eric
  • Liz Sanders
  • cindy stoneking
  • John Olson
  • Dean Milinski
  • Penny Harrison
  • traci allison
  • Ed Tharp
  • Andy Alvernaz
  • Juan Rivera
  • Katiria Santiago
  • Justin Feecsak
  • Alexander Savage
  • Jeff Arnold
  • Victor Rijos

Thanks to everyone who played this week. And if you want to check out The Social Network, it’s available at Redbox again for a limited time.

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  1. traci allison
    Posted on February 26, 2012 at 8:33 am

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