Movie Trivia: A Historic French Kiss on Film

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Splendor in the GrassIn our latest movie trivia contest, we asked you to name a few particulars from a classic love story. The leading man was Warren Beatty. His leading lady was Natalie Wood. And they played young lovers in Elia Kazan’s coming-of-age tale Splendor in the Grass (1961).

It was the first time  a Hollywood movie showed two people sharing a French kiss. Today that seems tame, but in those days that kind of thing had some bite.

So, who got all those details right in our quiz?  Our three winners are:

  • Vicki Cox
  • Alainah
  • Diane Savage

Congratulations! You really know your classic movies, and you’ll each get a free one-day DVD rental from Redbox.

The first 30 people who got all three answers correct don’t receive a free one-day DVD rental, but still get their names listed here for fame, posterity, and the adoration of their peers:

  • Glenn Berkshier
  • Paul N.
  • Andrea Gleaves
  • Jenn
  • cyberthomas
  • brenlin
  • Laura Morriss
  • Linda Miller
  • Penny Mowery
  • lea anne
  • Ron Ison
  • Cassie Monson
  • Donna
  • 2sa
  • Lisa C.
  • Vicki Cox
  • JoAnn Dunlavey
  • Toni B
  • Stacey
  • Susan Morrison
  • Lauranda
  • Andy Crews
  • Sherri M.
  • Jacqueline Powers
  • Regan Kireilis Helms
  • Kim Voorhees
  • Sandra Bustamante
  • Michelle
  • Andy Owen
  • David1106

Thanks to everyone who played, and  remember to come back again for more fun with Redbox! In fact, you can participate in a fun contest in progress right now!

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