It’s the End for Daniel Craig in the Freeze Frame Challenge

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In last week’s Freeze Frame Challenge, the focus was on Daniel Craig and the fact that he’s played killers in a number of his movies, licensed or otherwise. The three films we showcased were Layer Cake, Road To Perdition and Infamous. And what did all three of his killer characters have in common at the end of their stories? They all ended up dead.  (Karma is a you-know-what!)

Craig in Layer Cake

So, who knew all three movies as well as the fate of Craig’s characters? Kudos to our first three correct respondents: Lisa Peake, Lauranda, and 2sa. Congrats! You all win a free one-day DVD rental from Redbox.

This was definitely a tougher one. Here are the names of everyone who answered correctly:

  • Glenn Berkshier
  • Lisa Peake
  • Lauranda
  • 2sa
  • Richie Rich
  • Donna Grunewald
  • Isaac
  • Angela
  • Susan

Thanks for playing, everyone! Stay tuned for more movie trivia this week!

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